Fresh Air Dehumidification Systems

Short Description:

  • Brand compressor
  • Intelligent controller
  • High efficiency heat exchange
  • Timer
  • HEPA filter
  • Filter alarm
  • UV sterilizing lamp
  • Multiple mode switching

Product Detail



Monitoring the air quality and humidity in your home is essential for your health and comfort, as well as protection for your home and belongings.
Holtop central dehumidifier is designed to work with other HVAC  systems to bring fresh and clean outdoor air to your home.dehumidification feature

Working principle of Holtop Fresh Air Dehumidification Systems

The Holtop fresh air purification and dehumidification system adopts the principle of cooling dehumidification. By reducing the temperature of the air, the excess moisture  in the air will be extracted, and then adjust the air to  comfortable temperature and humidity by the reheating system.

Main functions of the HOLTOP dehumidification system:

1. High Efficient Heat Exchange System
Holtop heat exchange system uses a highly efficient hydrophilic aluminum foil honeycomb heat exchanger. Compared to other forms of heat exchangers, Holtop’s heat exchangers increase the vaporization area and contact surfaces higher vaporization efficiency and speed. At the same time, the honeycomb fin structure increases the disturbance to the air, allowing the air and heat exchanger toexchange heat more thoroughly.
2.Imported World Famous Compressor
Holtop uses imported international brand compressors with low noise and high efficiency.
Excellent Cooling Components.
Holtop’s high-efficiency cooling dehumidification system uses international famous brand cooling accessories: including solenoid valves, filters, etc., to ensure the reliability, stability, safety and performance of the dehumidifier.
3.Multiple Filters to Ensure Health
A large-area primary filter can effectively filtrate large particles such as hair and pollens.
HEPA-grade high-efficiency filter can easily purify harmful particles such as PM2.5, and the purification efficiency is over 95%.
The activated carbon and cold catalyst filter can double effectively remove harmful substances fiter such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, as well as odor.
The UV sterlizing function (optional) can quickly kill 99% of bacteria, molds and viral viruses in the air.
4.Make the Moist Air Clean and Dry
HOLTOP fresh air purification and dehumidification system can simultaneously solve the problems of indoor environment, such as lack of oxygen, humidity and various pollutants like PM2.5.
Central dehumidification series
Model DS200DB1 DS500DB1 DS800DB1 DS1200DB1
Dehumidification capacity L/D 20 50 80 136
Airflow m3/h 200 500 800 1200
External pressure Pa 150 160 100 100
Filters Primary filter

+High efficiency filter

+ Activated carbon, cold catalyst filter

Primary filter

+High efficiency filter

+Activated carbon

Purification UV Sterilizing lamp (optional) Negative ion

+UV Sterilizing lamp

Input Power KW 0.38 0.92 1.43 1.5
Current A 1.7 4.2 6.5 6.8
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Fresh air inlet size mm Ø98 Ø98 Ø144 Ø200
Supply air outlet size mm Ø98 Ø144 Ø194 Ø200
Return air inlet size mm Ø110 Ø150 Ø194 Ø200
Machine size mm 700*405*265 775*450*340 880*580*370 1063*650*375
Weight kg 25 40 50 56
Suitable room size m2 10~40 80~100 150~200 150~200

Double-way Heat Recovery Central Dehumidifiers

Model SS280DB1 SS600DB1 SS1200DB1
Dehumidification capacity L/D 26 76 136
Fresh air flow  m3/h 280 600 1200
Return air flow m3/h 170 360 720
External pressure Pa 50 80 100
Filters Filters Primary filter + High efficiency filter +Activated carbon
Purification Negative ion + UV Sterilizing lamp  
Input Power KW 0.6 1.25 1.55
Current A 2.7 5.7 7
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Air inlet size mm Ø100 Ø100 Ø100
Machine size mm 1020*610*250 1154*640*320 1458*921*385
Weight kg 47 67 104
Suitable room size m2 10~40 80~100 150~200

Industrial Ceiling Duct Type Dehumidifiers

Model DS2200DA1 DS4300DA1 DS5300DA1
Dehumidification capacity L/D 168 360 480
Air flow  m3/h 2200 4300 5300
External pressure Pa 120 150 150
Filters Primary filter + High efficiency filter + Activated carbon, cold catalyst filter  
Input Power KW 2.5 7.5 8.7
Current A 5 11 13
Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Fresh air inlet size mm 625*580 1150*600 1150*600
Supply air outlet size mm 497*360 923*361 923*361
Machine size mm 1160*755*730 1347*1100*730 1347*1100*730


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