By-pass Function Fresh Air Filtration Systems

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• PM2.5 High efficiency filter
• By-pass functions for indoor air purificatio• Built-in low-noise blower
• 4P Asynchronous motor
• Easy to maintain
• Ultra thin design and fit for installation

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In the situation when it's not suitable to introduce outdoor fresh air, by-pass function fresh air filtration systems can bypass the air in the room for indoor air purification only.

Single-way Fresh Air Filtration with Internal Recycle System:

 supply ventilation


All in one design
No need to install centrifugal fan, filtration box and
motorized diverting branch with ducts separately,
saving labor costs and installation materials and less
construction garbages.
Recycles Lost Heat
Warm air rising into the roof from home heating is
recovered and recycled back into the house, resulting
in much reduced heating costs.
Anti Condensation
The ventilator forces out the stale moist air that
causes problem condensation and damp conditions,
replacing it with clean dry air
Solar Heat Saving
Roof and ceiling spaces are excellent passive collector
of solar energy. This warm dry air is supplied back into
the house as the ventilator forces the warmed air into
the cooler living spaces.
Air purified
The outdoor air will be purified before supplied to
room for healthy life. Integrated with F9 filter to stop
outside air pollutions like PM2.5 into house. Higher air
cleanness and cleaner house, save time and money to
clean the house.
attic ventilation

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