High Efficiency 3D Counter-flow Heat Exchanger

Short Description:

  • High-impact polystyrene material;
  • heat exchange efficiency up to 95%;
  • The whole body is washable and has a long service life.

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The counterflow with 3D heat exchange design make sure the heat recovery efficiency is up to 95%. The 3D heat exchange design means in the channel, the air can transfer the heat from three directions, so this make sure the heat exchanger has a very good airtightness, tear resistance, high efficiency and with a longer service life up to 15 years.

As this unit are normally designed for residential and light commercial use, so the operating temperature is range from -20 ºC to +50 °C, if the heat exchanger working for a period under polluted environment, the dust can best be removed from air inlet and outlet areas using a normal vacuum cleaner.

When this heat exchanger built in the mechanical ventilation unit, it performs best when running under balanced ventilation of two air flows. 

counterflow heat exchanger
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