In 2002
On May 22, 2002, Holtop was founded,HOLTOP brand energy recovery ventilator launched in the market.
In 2004
Holtop rotary heat exchanger launched in the market.
In 2005
Holtop moved to a 30,000sqm factory and certificated by ISO9001.
During 2007- 2008
Holtop built the authorized enthalpy lab and supplied energy recovery ventilation systems to Olympic Games.
In 2009
Holtop supplied energy recovery ventilation systems to World Expo pavilions.
In 2011
Holtop manufacturing bases were certified by ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
In 2012
Holtop achieved great success in AHU field by working with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford, etc, and rotary heat exchanger certified by Eurovent.
In 2014
Holtop was approved by SGS inspection on the ISO management systems.
In 2016
Holtop moved to her new production base and achieved the annual growth of 39.9%.
In 2017
Holtop was elected as National Hi-tech enterprise and launched the Eco-clean Forest series energy recovery ventilators.
In 2018
Holtop launched the new fresh air dehumidifiers and air handling unit with heat pump system.
In 2019
Holtop international distributor conference was held in Beijing.
In 2020
During the outbreak of new coronavirus, Holtop was selected as the quality supplier to support ventilation solutions to hospitals across the nation.
In 2021
Holtop was honour to be elected as Beijing "little giant" enterprises after strict preliminary review, which is the recognition of the high-quality development of technologically advanced enterprise.
In 2022
Holtop has been established for 20 years from 2002 to 2022, Happy 20th anniversary!