Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Module

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Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Module

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Features of Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Module

1. Long-distance wireless transmission (unobstructed straight line transmission distance is 50M)

2. Place it at will, no wiring required.

3. It can monitor the air quality of your active areas more accurately and be in sync with your feelings.

4. Shorter response time, more sensitive. 

5. Connected with the control of energy recovery ventilator, the ventilators can be controlled based on the CO2 or humidity level to ensure air quality at any tim.

6. The air quality data like CO2 value, VOC pollution level, PM2.5, temperature and humidity can be checked clearly.

7. MICRO USB 5V interface, easy to get the power supply. 

8. The indoor air quality is shown via control panel/APP.

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