Trending Products Best Fresh Indoor Air Duct Vertical Heat Energy Recovery Ventilator Fresh Air Recuperator with HEPA filter

Short Description:

  • Triple filtration, 99% HEPA filtration 
  • High efficiency energy recovery rate
  • High efficiency fan with DC motors
  • Slight positive indoor pressure
  • Visual management LCD display
  • Colorful design
  • Remote control
  • Duct connection

Product Detail


The duct type Eco-clean Forest vertical energy recovery ventilator launched the market now. We have both direct blow type and duct type vertical ERV to suit different installation. For some applications which require long distance air distribution, the duct type ERV is more suitable. Our duct type vertical ERV is composed of fresh air blower, exhaust fan, heat exchanger core, fresh air primary effect filter, PM2.5 special filter, medical grade high efficiency filter and return air primary effect filter.

suitable room size ERV installation

Specification of HOLTOP duct floor standing heat energy recovery ventilator system

MODEL No. ERVQ-L300-2A1 ERVQ-L600-2A1
Airflow (m3/h) 300 600
Filter efficiency (%)  99% 99%
Filtration mode PM2.5 purify/Deep purify/Ultra purify PM2.5 purify/Deep purify/Ultra purify
Fan speed DC/ 8 speeds DC/ 8 speeds
E.S.P (Pa) 80 100
Input power (W) 85 144
Temperature Efficiency (%) 66-82 66-82
Enthalpy efficiency(Heating)(%) 58-65 58-65
Enthalpy efficiency(cooling)(%) 52-60 52-60
Noise dB(A) 25-36 25-36
Control  Touch screen panel/Remote control Touch screen panel/Remote control
Air Quality Display PM2.5/Temp & R.H PM2.5/Temp & R.H
Operational Model  Auto/Manual/Timer/Sleep Auto/Manual/Timer/Sleep
Suitable room size (m2) 50-120 100-240
Size(L*W*H)mm 560*410*1620 560*460*1695
Weight (kg) 55 65

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