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Short Description:

  • Energy recovery
  • Slim Design
  • Zinc-free galvanized steel panel
  • EPS Inner Structure
  • Easy Maintenance
  • PM2.5 Purification
  • Central control
  • IAQ monitor

Product Detail


 eco vent pro erv

Durable appearance design

  • Anti-corrosive, beautiful, durable
  • Excellent anti-corrosion performance
  • Metallic texture
durable design erv
EPS Structure

  • Integrated EPS for good insulation and air tightness.
  • No condensation.
  • Light weight, heat preserve, silent, environmental
  • friendly, no odor
  • EPS is a high polymer material widely used for building
  • insulation, floor heating, refrigeration, industrial casting
  • and other industries.
EPS structure
Supper slim body design
Eco-vent pro ventilators are designed specially for the projects which have very strict ventilator height requirement, compared with the traditional congeneric products, ECO Vent Pro ERV's height is 20% off. Access door is at the bottom so maintenance is much easier. Supper slim body
New primary filter
New primary filter is made of aluminium alloy frame and
rubber filtration materials with nicer appearance and
longer service life.
New primary filter
Sub-HEPA F9 Filter integrated optional Optional sub HEPA F9 filter, particle diameter under 2.5μm can be filtered effectively, IAQ (indoor air quality) will be
increased obviously.
S u b - H E PA F 9 f i l t e r
High efficiency temperature and humdity recovery Holtop crossflow heat exchanger is built in the full ecovent pro series ERV, heat recovery efficiency up to 82% in winter, the allowance of moisture exchange between fresh air and exhaust air make a comfortable indoor temperature and humidity. 
enthaply heat exchange


Model Fan Speed Airflow
Enthalpy Efficiency(%) Temperature Efficiency (%) Noise
Voltage (V) N. W.
Summer Winter
ERVQ-D150-2A1 L 120 45 61 75 82 23 0.45 93 220 29
M 150 70 59 73 80 31 0.46 98
H 150 90 59 73 80 31.5 0.47 102
ERVQ-D250-2A1 L 210 35 57 70 75 26.5 0.58 123 220 32
M 250 50 55 68 73 33.5 0.6 148
H 250 100 55 68 73 34 0.71 150
ERVQ-D350-2A1 L 240 40 62 73 81 31 0.97 209 220 42
M 350 110 57 68 76 36.5 1.05 230
H 350 130 57 68 76 37 1.07 233


The ceiling fresh air purification energy recovery ventilator is an air energy recovery and purification ventilation device. It is composed of fresh air fan, exhaust fan, total heat exchanger, fresh air primary filter, fresh air high efficiency filter (PM2.5), return air primary filter and so on.

Fresh air ventilation function: When the product is running, the treated fresh air is continuously delivered to the room through the air inlet, and the dirty air in the room is discharged at the same time, so as to improve the indoor air quality.

Fresh air purification function: Fresh air entering the room can effectively remove impurities (dust, floc, etc.) in the air and PM2.5 particles which is  harmful to the human body after double purification of the primary filter and the high-efficiency filter.

Energy recovery function: Use the total heat exchanger to effectively recover the temperature and humidity energy in the exhaust air, and return it to the supply air to achieve the purpose of reducing energy loss.

ceiling ERV

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