Anti-haze Masks

Short Description:

Model: Holtop Electric Anti-Haze Mask
Introduction: Filter the dust, pollen and PM2.5Mask shell: PC+ABSHigh capacity branded battery

Battery life: 6 hours

Product Detail


This product adopts medical grade HEPA filter, removal efficiency of PM2.5 particulate up to 99%. The HEPA filter is characterized by the fresh air can goes through, however, tiny particles cannot pass through. PP(polypropylene) sterilizing filter, is good for bacteria and viruses inhibition and decomposition. Activity carbon filter can effectively filter odor. Built in mini supply fan to offer activate air can greatly reduce respiratory resistance. Three speeds control offer different air volume, completely solve the stuffiness and humidity problem of the traditional mask. Skin‐friendly medical material, ergonomic design, perfectly fit for face, easy to clean, does not affect normal communication when wearing.

  1. Five-layer multiple filters
  2. Super high airflow
  3. Free breathing
  4. Lower noise
  5. Food grade silica gel
  6. Direct brush-less motor
  7. Multi-blade forward impeller
  8. High capacity branded battery
  9. Large chamber for free breathing
  10. Body engineering compatible

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