Holtop Becomes the Sole Strategic Partner of Enjoy Real Estate For Fresh Air Ventilation System

Holtop becomes the sole strategic partner of the Enjoy Real Estate and will provide complete fresh air system for the Enjoy real estate development project.

Henan Enjoy Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and was invested by Hong Kong Shenghong Investment Co., Ltd. under the invitation of Henan Provincial Government. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a powerful diversified group enterprise.

Enjoy Real Estate is committed to the development of high-quality residential projects, the development of cultural industry park projects, and the development of forward-looking cultural tourism real estate projects.

From product support to overall solutions

The reason why Holtop fresh air systemcan stand out from more than 20 domestic and foreign brands is because of a different thinking change. From the product supporting thinking to the change of the overall solution thinking. Holtop can propose more rational whole solution based on the positioning and characteristics of the Enjoy real estate.

hrv project (1)Repeatedly review every details to ensure the best performance of the energy recovery ventilation system.
hrv project (6)Combine various factors to match the most suitable model to meet the user’s optimal demand for air quality.

Cooperated fresh air system projects for reference

hrv project (5) 

16,000 acres of Enjoy International Tourism Resort Lake Language Villa – Holtop energy recovery ventilation system.

hrv project (2)

Enjoy International Resort Resort View Lake Villa- Holtop energy recovery ventilation system.

hrv project (4)

Enjoy Niezhuang Complex – Holtop energy recovery ventilation system.

hrv project (3)

Enjoy International Tourism Resort Huangdi RoyalPalace – Holtop energy recovery ventilation system.

Through strategic cooperation with Enjoy Real Estate, the two sides have a deeper understanding. Enjoy Real Estate said that the long-term inspection and bidding process is of great value. We have chosen a history, connotation, strength, reputation, experience, good service and high-end brand, Holtop.

Post time: Sep-14-2018