Inspection and Testing for Qiqi Kindergarten

Project Name: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing of Beijing Qiqi Kindergarten

In order to show customer the effects by using our energy recovery ventilators, we have done the indoor air quality tests in Beijing Qiqi Kindergarten.

Inspection instruments and devices: Dust tester (T-H48), ozone analyzer (T-IAQ46), carbon dioxide gas detector (T-KZ79), temperature and humidity meter (T-IAQ17), empty box barometer (H60) , steel tape measure (T-H29)

Inspection items: PM25, ozone, carbon dioxide

1. Overview

The tests were done in Beijing Qiyao Kindergarten, which are located at No. 2, Qingboyuan, Lancangchang East Road, Haidian District, Beijing. In order to provide students with a high-quality learning environment, Beijing Qiqi Kindergarten introduces Holtop vertical energy recovery ventilator to provide clean and fresh air. The vertical energy recovery ventilators were installed in some classrooms (Manufacturer: Beijing HOLTOP Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., model: ERVQ-L600-1A1). We have entrusted the third authority, the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, to inspect the indoor PM2.5, ozone and carbon dioxide concentrations in some classrooms of Beijing Qiyao Kindergarten on May 14, 2019


2. Inspection Conditions

The tests were made in Class A, the indoor PM2.5, ozone and carbon dioxide concentration were tested before turning on the vertical energy recovery ventilator, after then the unit were on and adjusted to the specified operating conditions (the screen shows  running at the highest speed). After running for 1 hour, the indoor PM25, Ozone and carbon dioxide concentrations were tested again. The size of the classroom is 7.7m x 1m x 9m. During the test, there were 3 adults (women), 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls), the window was closed, and the door was free to open.


3. Test Results

Table 1: Indoor Pollutant Inspection Results before Opening of Holtop Energy Recovery Ventilator

Sample position PM2.5 (mg/m3) Ozone (mg/m3) Carbon dioxide (%)
Class A 0.198 0.026 0.12
Outdoor 0.298 0.046 0.04


Table 2 Indoor pollutant inspection results after 1 hour of continuous operation of Holtop Energy Recovery Ventilator

Sample position PM2.5 (mg/m3) Ozone (mg/m3) Carbon dioxide (%)
Class A 0.029 0.027 0.09
Outdoor 0.298 0.046 0.04


Remarks: During the test, the supply air outlet of the vertical energy recovery ventilator is opened while upper air outlet is closed.


As we can see the results that after operating our energy recovery ventilator, the PM2.5 and carbon dioxide can be greatly reduced and improving the indoor air quality.

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Post time: Aug-02-2019