Greenland “New” Height, Holtop New Fresh Air

One-quarter of China’s super-tall buildings come from a well-known group whose name is Greenland. Every time Greenland arrives in a city, almost without exception, a tall building will be erected locally and named as “Greenland Center.”

Greenland Group is the first real estate company in China who ranks among the Fortune Global 500. Greenland Group has accumulated rich experience in the field of super high-rise building development, leading Chinese super-high-rise buildings market with its development scale and level. The cities’ height records were renewed by Greenland’s company dreams and the Greenland buildings always become the new landmark of the cities.

During the cooperation with Greenland Group, Holtop applied its rich experience in air conditioning and ventilation system in super high-rise building, providing advance and energy saving heat recovery ventilation system to the Canton Tower, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) complex and a dozen of others in China. In these projects, Holtop supplied air conditioners and heat recovery ventilation systems to ensure suitable temperature, humidity, cleanness and comfortableness, building new landmarks together with Greenland Group!

Changsha Greenland Center HOLTOP air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger systemThe main building of Changsha Greenland Center is about 200 meters high, forming an ecological chain of high-end office buildings, international apartments and commercial plaza that share resources and advantages. It forms the “Golden Triangle” of Changsha’s core urban area with Furong Square and Wuyi Square.
Guangzhou Baiyun Greenland Center HOLTOP fresh air purification systemGuangzhou Baiyun Greenland Center’s super high-rise tower is about 200 meters. It is a large-scale fashion shopping center covering six major formats including high-end department stores, boutique supermarkets, five-star cinemas, high-end restaurants, financial service centers and indoor pedestrian streets.
Nanning Greenland Central Plaza HOLTOP air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger systemNanning Greenland Central Plaza is 200 meters tall. It integrates the concept of smart towns with a scientific and reasonable layout, covering high-end smart residential areas, WE-WORK smart LOFT clusters, and smart skyscraper office buildings. It will create a commercial and residential city center complex.
Zhengzhou Greenland Central Plaza HOLTOP air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger systemZhengzhou Greenland Central Plaza consists of two 300-meter high-rise buildings, which will become the tallest double-tower building and the largest super-tall building in China.
Greenland Lakeside International City HOLTOP air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger systemGreenland Group selected the site of Erqi New City to build Greenland Lakeside International City. It is an urban complex project of twin 270-meter towers, integrating ecological office, theme hotel, comprehensive business, ideal residence, and LOFT apartment.
Xuzhou Greenland City Plaza HOLTOP fresh air purification systemThe opening of Xuzhou Greenland City Plaza will not only change the commercial atmosphere in the east of the city, but also change the lives of the citizens of the entire East District.

Greenland City Plaza is divided into two major business groups, MAX-MALL and Taojie. It is the most grounded commercial center.

Nathan Manor HOLTOP fresh air purification systemGreenland Nathan Manor. After more than 1,900 days and nights of careful planning and site selection considerations, Greenland Group has integrated global architectural wisdom and eleven rounds of design plans to win the essence of sea-style architecture and the Nathan Manor eventually becomes the first manor of the Anhui capital.
Shanghai HOLTOP air handling unit with plate fin type heat exchanger systemThe National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) complex is composed of four major parts: exhibition venues, supporting business centers, office buildings and hotels. It is connected by an 8-meter exhibition avenue, allowing convenient passage to the exhibition halls, commercial areas, office buildings, hotels and other places.
Greenland No.1 Xinnan Road Villa HOLTOP heat recovery type fresh air purification systemGreenland No.1 Xinnan Road Villa is located in Xujiahui’s Nanliao City villa area. It includes a 100,000-square-meter commercial complex and a 240,000-square-meter villa community, creating a French royal palace villa life.
Shanghai Greenland 1960 HOLTOP air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger systemShanghai Greenland 1960 is located in the Binjiang section of Xuhui District. The project adheres to the concept of a low-carbon community. The two office buildings participated in the BREEAM green certification and gained some achievements on design management, indoor comfort, energy, transportation, water resources, materials, site ecology and pollution control.
Chaoyang Center HOLTOP heat recovery type fresh air purification systemChaoyang Center of Nanchang Greenland is another urban masterpiece of Jiangxi Greenland. The project has become a new landmark of the city integrating super high-rise office buildings, creative offices, riverside businesses, characteristic neighborhoods, high-end communities and public facilities.
Nanchang Greenland Colorful City HOLTOP fresh air purification systemNanchang Greenland Colorful City is an irreplaceable new commercial landmark in the Red Valley Beach District of Nanchang. It is based on the dual-core theme of “Quality Life + Interactive Experience”, with “Neighborhood” as its main purpose, truly providing consumers with more than just Shopping space.

The completion of each boutique building has deepened the cooperation between HOLTOP and Greenland Group, and HOLTOP has become a trusted enterprise of Greenland Group. For 18 years, HOLTOP has always adhered to the corporate mission of “making air treatment healthier and more energy-saving” and the core value of “customer-oriented”, and good products and good services. In the future, HOLTOP Group will have further cooperation with Greenland Group in more fields to build more world-renowned landmark buildings.

Post time: Dec-06-2019