The Second Cooperation HVAC System for Mercedes-Benz

When the installation of air handling unit is growing vigorously at the construction site of Geely and Volvo, here comes a good news — Holtop won the bidding of the Benz welding workshop project, as the supplier of air handling unit.


Holtop has cooperated with Benz for many years. Our central air-conditioning systems service all around Benz Company, including the stamping, welding, coating and motor assembly plant. The steady operation meets the requirements of humidity, temperature and clean class. It is Holtop’s specialty and technicality in industry air conditioning that brings the second cooperation with Benz. Of course, the high quality of products and good service also make it succeed.


This time, Holtop will supply 21 sets of industrial air-conditioning units, total air volume up to 1.68 million cubic meter per hour. Holtop will organize all the optimal people and materials to ensure finishing the production, installation and debugging before March, 2017. The time is limit and the task is hard, nonetheless, Holtop has faith in completing this challenge.

hvac system for Mercedes-Benz


Post time: Dec-07-2016