Classic Domestic Project Cases of Commercial Fresh Air System

Holtop supplies fresh air products to so many real estate enterprises to improve the indoor air quality, such as heat recovery ventilators, energy recovery ventilators, fresh air purification systems, air disinfection systems. Here’re some project cases for reference. If you have any project on hand, welcome to contact us for optimized and cost-effective solutions.

Qiwulu Senior High School

Qiwulu Senior High School is a new high-level high school in Nanjing, covering an area of 66 acres, introducing excellent teaching facilities, modern, digital and intelligent equipment to enhance the overall teaching level and learning efficiency.

QIWULU high school

Wujiang District Teacher Development Center

Suzhou Wujiang District Teacher Development Center  was founded in April 1960 and was approved to build the Wujiang District Teacher Development Center Teacher Training Building project with a total investment of 170 million.


Nongdu company

Nongdu company will based on the vast field of agricultural products consumption service, build a new green trading system of multi-species, multi-level and multi-model  agricultural products with important influence and establish the leading position in the industry.


Changan Automobile Global Data Center (GDC)

Changan Automobile Global Data Center (GDC) server room is located in Yufu Industrial Park, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing City, with the design standard of national standard A-Class server room.


Beijing Gulou Hospital

Beijing Gulou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1951. It is a third-level Chinese medicine hospital and a clinical practice base for training general practitioners in Chinese medicine under the ''Return to Roots’’ project for training Chinese medicine talents in the Beijing community.

Beijing Gulou Hospital

Neijiang Normal College

Neijiang Normal College is a local undergraduate teacher training college in Sichuan Province with a focus on teacher education and coordinated development of multiple disciplines, and has been selected for the Sichuan Excellence in Teacher Education Training Program.


Alibaba Customer Center

Alibaba has formed a complete business system around the core e-commerce business and the financial business that supports the e-commerce system, also formed a complete local lifestyle services, health care and smart terminal businesses.



National Convention Center phase II

National Convention Center phase II consists of two parts: main building and supporting building. After completed, it will form a world-class exhibition with total scale of over 1.3 million square meters together with the National Convention Center  phase I.


Beijing No. 2 Middle School

Beijing No. 2 Middle School is located in Yizhuang Development Zone, which will add new high-quality educational resources and promote the basic education level of the Zone to a new level.


Tonglu Bilingual School

Tonglu Bilingual School affiliated to East China Normal University is a 15-year private school with a land area of more than 150 acres, a school with two gardens, intertwined with mountains and water, aiming to build a paradise for children to grow and success.


China Baowu Business Center

China Baowu Business Center is located in the Middle Avenue of Riverside, Aofeng Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, which is one of the landmark buildings of Fuzhou North Riverside. It is the first project to return work and production after the impact of the virus in Taijiang District, Fuzhou City.


Taizhou Yuhuan Sports Center

The design concept of Taizhou Yuhuan Sports Center is "one round side carries the world,  gems correspondingly become brilliant", after completion, it will provide a place for high-level sports competitions, daily fitness and entertainment and cultural and sports life  for citizens.


The National Bobsleigh Center

The National Bobsleigh Center is located in the Beijing Yanqing competition area and is the venue for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games bobsled events.

The National Bobsleigh Center

Nanjing Lishui training base

The Nanjing Lishui training base will be used as a venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games skateboard qualification tournament after completion.


People's Media Tower

People's Media Tower with two 24-level international quality buildings located in Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and it is the future financial harbor.


Guangzhou Baiyun Greenland Center

The main building of Guangzhou Baiyun Greenland Center is 199.85 meters high.

Guangzhou Baiyun Greenland Center

East China Normal University (ECNU)


East China Normal University (ECNU) is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, and a key university under the 211 Project and 985 Project. It is also a "Double-first-class" A-class university newly announced by the State.


East China Normal University (ECNU)

China Shipbuilding Marine Equipment Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Base

China Shipbuilding Marine Equipment Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Base is a high-end manufacturing center, system integration center, global operation and service center, general navigation industry center, navigation industry and international exchange center for Marine equipment development.


Hangzhou Dajiangdong Intelligent Valley

Hangzhou Dajiangdong Intelligent Valley is a comprehensive transportation hub, the main battlefield of industrial economy, the gathering area of high education and scientific research, the core of "Intelligent Valley" industrial cluster, the new highlight and landmark of Dajiangdong.

Hangzhou Dajiangdong Intelligent Valley

Jiangsu Taixing Rural Commercial Bank

The new office building of Jiangsu Taixing Rural Commercial Bank integrates multiple functions in one, contributing to the realization of Taixing's "happy city" with coordinated urban and rural areas, beautiful environment and livable and workable.


Jiangsu Taixing Rural Commercial Bank

Guiyang Intermediate People's Court


After the completion of the new trial court of Guiyang Intermediate People's Court, it will undertake the trial and execution of more than 25% of cases in the province every year, contributing to the development and progress of Guiyang's economy and society.


Zhuozhou Huayang East Road vocational education park

The Education Park is a key project in Zhuozhou City. Since its establishment,it has not only focused on learning, but also paid more attention to the health of teachers and students, providing a healthy, comfortable and warm working and learning environment for the park.


Suining Song Porcelain Cultural Center

The Suining Song Porcelain Cultural Center exists as a green, open and dynamic building, allowing citizens to enjoy the convenience and prosperity brought by public cultural facilities. 

Suining Song Porcelain Cultural Center

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