Mercedes Benz Auto AHU System Projects

–– New Achievement in Automotive Plant Air conditioning Industry

Project Name: Mercedes Benz Auto AHU Projects

Location: China

Product: Air Handling Units

Brief Description: HOLTOP cooperated with Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. by providing more than 90 sets of combined air handling unit with digital automatic control system for the plant expansion and R&D center project. All of the design, purchasing, manufacturing, assembling and initial commissioning are accomplished within 90 days; total amount is 3.3 millions USD. Our timely delivery, profession and high quality earn recognition and praise of our respected customers at home and abroad, which shows our strength of technology, manufacturing and quality in the filed of heat recovery.

benz project (1) Features of air handling units in this project: 

- Constructed by aluminum alloy framework, thermal insulation and double skin panels; 
- Cold bridge factor complys with EU TB2 standards; 
- Air leakage rate less than 1%; 
- Double fans application for space saving; 
- Silencer equipped before and after fans to reduce noise effectively; 
- Double cleaning of air and water for heat recovery wheel, insuring durable high heat recovery efficiency; 
- VFD control of supply and exhaust fan to make constant air pressure supply for more energy saving; 
- VFD control of heat recovery wheel to prevent ice blockage in winter; 
- The whole unit was controlled by mechatronics digital automatic control technology with higher accuracy and precision.


benz project (2)

benz project (3)
HOLTOP cooperated with Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd 80,000 m3/h AHU

benz project (4)

benz project (5)
 AHU delivery Site installation

benz project (6)

benz project (7)

 Installation finish

 Site commissioning and hand over

Post time: Nov-26-2011