2003-2020, HOLTOP Supports the Construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital Again

HOLTOP Group assisted in the “defense battle” to prevent and control the new coronavirus outbreak, and once again supported the extension project of Xiaotangshan Hospital.

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HOLTOP supports the construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital

In 2003, SARS raged in Beijing. After 7 days and nights of battle, the Xiaotangshan Hospital with 1,000 beds was completed. HOLTOP Group was commissioned in dire straits to overcome difficulties and successfully completed the construction of the fresh air system of Xiaotangshan Hospital.
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In 2020, the situation of prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new-type coronavirus infection is grim. The Beijing Municipal Commission of Health has decided to start an  extension project at Xiaotangshan Hospital. In crises, HOLTOP stood out again to provide professional solutions and implementation plans for the construction of the fresh air ventilation system in the extension project, and to arrange delivery and installation in an orderly manner.

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HOLTOP supports Huairou Hospital emergency project

During the critical period of the nationwide anti-coronavirus, HOLTOP also received urgent needs for the fresh air conditioning system of “Huairou Emergency Infection Treatment Zone” and “Expansion Project of Infection Building of Huairou Hospital Affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences”. The hospital will be one of the designated hospitals in Beijing to respond to the new coronavirus outbreak.
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The outbreak situation is urgent. It has very little time and is of great responsibility. HOLTOP Group discussed with the expert team and construction unit of Zhongyuan Design Institute. In order to solve the multi-dimensional and high-demand problem of the hospital building ventilation and air-conditioning system, a solution of Decentralized Layout + Total Fresh Air + Direct Expansion Fluorine System was proposed. This system can accurately guarantee the temperature and humidity of the environment, fully guarantee the drying of the air in the functional area, and accelerate the inactivation of the virus in the air. It is flexible in layout and convenient to install, and can effectively solve the problem of cross-contamination in different areas.

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After receiving the urgent order, some of HOLTOP key employees returned to work much earlier and worked overtime to ensure that the production tasks will be completed on time and in good condition.

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On February 7th, Blizzard in Beijing just stopped. HOLTOP construction personnel rushed to the scene to urgently install and debug the system to ensure that the installation and commissioning tasks are completed within the prescribed time.

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For HOLTOP people, this is a responsibility, a mission that every Chinese should shoulder in this extraordinary period. To fight the outbreak, we will fight side by side, and we will certainly win the battle against coronavirus.

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Post time: Feb-11-2020