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The major benefit of controlling ventilation rates through monitoring CO2 levels is that it can adapt to how the space is being used. For example, the system may be designed to serve a space with a peak of 50 occupants  – if the space only has 25 occupants then the ventilation rate required could be halved. Of course the ventilation system is not going to know how many people are in any given space, so CO2 monitoring is an ideal way of assessing the demand. Many ventilation systems have built-in CO2 sensors – or are available as options – and work by controlling the fan speeds for extract and supply in order to achieve the target CO2 level. Also, any application in an area with additional high concentrations of pollutants other than CO2 should be considered carefully.

While these two types of air conditioner essentially do the same thing – cool your home – the ways they go about it are entirely different. So, let’s get a rundown of their features.

Whole-house Ventilation System Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers:  North America (USA, Canada and Mexico),Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy),Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia),South America, Middle East and Africa

A number of industry stakeholders point to natural refrigerants ammonia and CO2 as more sustainable and future-proof for ice rinks than the Opteon refrigerants being promoted by the NHL. This mirrors a similar discussion going on in other HVAC&R-related sectors like food retail and cold storage.

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“My dad is an oil burner technician. He told me if they are running into that many problems that they should just reorder a whole new system.”

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Both whole house generator installation companies that I had come out to my property and assess the site for the generator were insistent about keeping the propane tanks relatively close by. They recommend that only 15 to 20 feet should separate the two. The main reason for their recommendations was that trenching for the gas and electric lines is very expensive, and in some cases impossible to do if there are large tree roots in the way. Unless you are willing to pay a high premium for the generator installation, or don’t mind taking out a tree or two, then expect to place your whole house generator and propane tanks fairly close to one another.

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I absolutely love driving my Safari 911. Although I have yet to do any real off-roading (Leh recommended a few hundred street miles, then a thorough once-over to make sure everything is nice and tight after installation, before doing any real abusive driving), this is the most fun petrol-powered city car I’ve ever driven. Like a Raptor, speed bumps are best taken at full throttle; the car skips over them like a stone. Potholes need not be avoided, and dips in the road become jump opportunities. There’s some additional body roll along with the extra travel, but the handling remains predictable and the manual steering, direct. With the reduced rear grip of the off-road tires, it’s even possible to get predictable, mild oversteer at fairly low speeds, on tarmac. I’ve parked it up on curbs, driven it over downed trees in the road, and taken driveways straight on that would require gnashed teeth and sweaty palms in a stock height 911. And the whole time, I’ve never for a second felt like I wasn’t piloting a performance-oriented 911. It’s got the sound, the response, the look and feel you want from a Porsche, just pointed in a different direction and cranked up to 13. I even watched as the valets shifted a Bentley GT a few feet over, so I could have front row parking at Mastro’s.

CO2 refrigeration is a relative newcomer to the ice rink market, with the first installation in 2010 at an arena in Saint Gédéon, Canada. But it is gaining traction as a green alternative in the U.S. and especially in Canada, where there are more than 40 CO2 ice rink systems, according to Carnot’s Lesmerises. Quebec has the most installations though “there is a lot of interest coast to coast,” said CIMCO’s Rodier.

"When we reconstructed the blood vessels, based on bony grooves and canals, we found a rich blood supply running right next to these convoluted nasal passages," said Ruger Porter, lecturer at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and one of the study’s co-authors. "Hot blood from the body core would travel through these blood vessels and transfer their heat to the incoming air. Simultaneously, evaporation of moisture in the long nasal passages cooled the venous blood destined for the brain."

The system is intelligently controlled by the advanced microprocessor-based Modine Controls System to ensure precise supply air-temperature control while maintaining system refrigerant sub-cooling through a reduction of overall system internal volume, Modine added.

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