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“What type?” you may ask. It’s not an uncommon query for someone to have. The most popular types of air conditioners are ducted and split system. To the casual observer, most of the differences between ducted and split system air conditioners aren’t particularly apparent. However, there are quite a few differences that become obvious when you scratch beneath the surface.

Linde AG, a distributor of R449A, states in promotional literature that the refrigerant “has a moderate glide of approximately 4K that can be easily managed by a minor adjustment in the expansion device.” In addition, as a zeotrope, R449A “must be charged in the liquid phase to prevent fractionation.”

What’s the benefit of living in this type of green residence? “The residents of Sol Lux Alpha can live in a sublime luxury and comfort, with the peace of mind that their lifestyles are part of the solution to climate change,” John Sarter, the developer of Sol Lux Alpha told Haute Living.  “The energy system ‘brain’ of the building generates approximately twice the energy required for all living systems, enabling up to 30 thousand miles of emission-free EV driving per year for each home. The indoor air quality afforded by Passive House certification and the energy recovery ventilation—the lungs of the home—adds to the owner’s quality of life potentially even extending their life by this superior air quality. Practically airtight construction, excellent insulation, and thermal modeling create an ultra-quiet interior contributing to an exceptionally relaxing living experience in the urban context.”

Southern Air, which was named ENR MidAtlantic Specialty Contractor of the Year, moved up one spot in this year’s ENR MidAtlantic Specialty Contracting ranking, to No. 7, as its regional revenue increased to $125.98 million.       

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And here’s the electronically actuated coolant control valve that changes the path of coolant flow:

"A decade ago, my colleague and I published the discovery that ankylosaurs had extremely long nasal passages coiled up in their snouts," said study co-author Lawrence Witmer, professor of anatomy, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. "These convoluted airways resembled a child’s ‘crazy-straw’—completely unexpected and seemingly without reason, until now."

They’re actually selling carbon monoxide alarms, but I’m guessing they have the wrong thing listed to help people find what they’re looking for even if the wrong thing is typed in. Google is a master at this, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just sayin’.

to complete the necessary work, one air-handling unit serving the East Unit was taken out of service temporarily for 10 days. Ceiling fans in the dayrooms are still operational and the temperature is being monitored.”

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The company has completed as many as 12 projects annually for the last 34 years at BWX Technologies Inc.’s manufacturing facility in Lynchburg for U.S. Navy nuclear reactors for submarines and aircraft carriers. The projects range from HVAC work to piping and plumbing installations.

The report also contains the manufacturing limits, characteristics of demand & supply, pinpoint analysis, and the sequential presentation of the Air Cooled Condensers market worldwide.

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