Modine granted new hot gas reheat system patent | 2018-12-26 | Whole House Air Exchanger

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But Henderson pointed out that refrigerants with glide may require larger condensers and possibly larger evaporators with more surface area “to make up for the glide.” He has also heard of problems with “expansion valve sizing.”

As the startup grows, its nomenclature can be confusing. Starklab remains the R&D heart of the group, while Terrao is the name of the heat exchanger technology. Terraotherm is a subsidiary and application for treating air, and Terraosave treats hot industrial emissions.

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Also keep in mind that the kind of property you live in will impact which type of air conditioning system is best for you. Your house may not even be able to accommodate one of these systems, making the choice a rather simple one! If your home can accommodate either system, however, it’ll really come down to how much you’re willing to spend up front, and how much of your house you’re looking to cool. Furthermore, if you’re in a modern apartment block, then chances are you already have a ducted air conditioning system.

This CPD, sponsored by Reynaers, will offer insight in to what needs to be considered when specifying curtain walling and provide a basic understanding of regulations and standards

Chapter 1, to describe Fluid Air Heat Exchangers Introduction, product scope, market overview, market opportunities, market risk, market driving force;

The construction equipment vehicle segment is estimated to be the fastest growing segment of automotive heat exchanger market. Infrastructure development, especially in countries such as China and India, is supporting the growth of this market. Moreover, the construction sector in North America is also reviving, with governments taking initiatives such as the Build America Investment Initiative, Canada’s Economic Action Plan, and the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) which will propel the demand for automotive heat exchangers in construction equipment segment.

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Lim noted the lack of any safety standards regarding ROV thermal or fire issues, despite the diverse sources of ignition – debris intrusion, fuel tank integrity, and flammable plastic body panels, for example. Since 2004, ROV manufacturers have launched some 47 recalls for a variety of defects that could result in fires, such as fuel tanks, hoses, and filters; electrical components; and exhaust systems. In addition, the CPSC has launched at least 120 ROV fire In-Depth Investigations since 2004, when the agency began to track this trend.

A new 3D-mapping system has allowed Hong Kong authorities to plan and visualise the dense urban environment in a faster and easier way, much like in the computer game SimCity.

Besides pinpoint humidity and temperature control, the Slimline’s proprietary onboard microprocessor command center, along with onboard and room remote sensors, monitor and control for CO2, particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOC) for a healthies possible breathing environment. An optional onboard zero-ozone, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) system can disinfect return air biological contaminants, such as cold viruses, mold, bacteria and influenza, which can help school districts surpass federal incentive goals for student attendance and achievement tests. MERV 8 particulate media filters are standard; however a MERV 11 option is available with automatic airflow modifications activated by the command center’s static pressure control function.

"The potential is extraordinary," said Rylott. "Reducing your exposure to these compounds can only be a good thing."

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