McDermott International (NYSE:MDR) vs. THT Heat Transfer Technology (THTI) Head-To-Head Analysis | Silent Ventilation Fan

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“Alfa Laval’s commercial/industrial air heat exchangers will fit perfectly into the strategic design of growth and qualification of the LU-VE Group," said Iginio Liberali, president of LU-VE. "With the acquisition, the Group will be among the three largest global operators in the sector. It will reinforce our capability to offer services and components of high quality and reliability.”

Windows from the 60′s and earlier were made of hardwood or old-growth pine, which holds up much better to moisture than the soft pine used in windows today.

The 10l/s per person rate is significant because many studies have found buildings with ventilation rates lower than this figure are prone to “sick building syndrome”. This is a group of symptoms that include headaches, poor concentration and fatigue, and is attributed to a poor-quality indoor environment. However, studies have shown that there are minimal or difficult-to-quantify additional benefits to increasing the ventilation rate significantly beyond the 10l/s guideline. 

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But are R449A and R513A the most environmentally sustainable refrigerants to use in ice rink systems, particularly in new facilities?

The requirement for filtration will depend on the application, with medical and laboratory air handlers usually requiring the highest levels of filtration. Filters can vary in quality from relatively straightforward “bug catchers” – which prevent larger items of debris from entering the airstream – up to high-level, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration, which collects at least 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns in size (one micron = one millionth of a metre).

“It pays to stay ahead of the potential problems that can occur over the course of time in a fire alarm system. Most of them are preventable with routine maintenance and constant observation—both of which are requirements of NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code),” says John Larkin, senior partner with Electronic Systems Consultants (ESC) of Columbus, OH.

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Southern Air also has been turning around a safety record that, several years ago, was “horrible,” says Denham, including a “serious vehicle accident.” Its experience-modification rate (EMR) was approaching 1.0 and its total incident rate was nearing 5.0. The company hired a new safety director and made safety the No. 1 agenda item at every company meeting. Every six months, project managers are required to attend a safety audit on a job that is not their own. The firm is on track to move its total incident rate to 2.0 and its EMR below 0.70, “Which we want to be lower,” Denham says.

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“Downsides would be,” Munro continued, “increased tooling costs/piece cost; less commonality and reduced potential for volume benefits in terms of pricing,” though a Munro representative did say this is likely the beginning of a new strategy that could be used in upcoming Tesla vehicles or in mid-cycle refreshes of current cars, which could ultimately help bring down piece cost thanks to economies of scale.

A team of scientists at the University of Washington in the United States made the golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) remove toxic gases from the air by inserting a rabbit gene called CYP2E1 into its DNA.

McDermott International (NYSE:MDR) vs. THT Heat Transfer Technology (THTI) Head-To-Head Analysis | Silent Ventilation Fan Related Video:

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