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Alfa Laval (Lund, Sweden; has signed an umbrella agreement with the LU-VE Group to sell parts of its air heat-exchanger business, related to commercial/industrial air heat exchangers, currently placed in the Greenhouse division. The closing of the agreement is expected during first half of 2019.

The long blades (up to 24-foot diameter) of HVLS fans spin much more slowly than a traditional ceiling or floor fan. Their unique blades are specially designed to capture the maximum amount of air and push it softly to the floor.

Tori was taken in by the newly elected President Moon Jae-in. Adopting a dog had been one of Moon’s campaign promises, aimed at raising awareness of abandoned dogs and animal rights.

What’s more, studies often involve exposing pot plants in soil to very high pollutant levels. Strand thinks this leads to population explosions in pollutant-eating microbes in the soil, and that the plants themselves do little. He grew sterile plants in hydroponic solutions without soil to exclude this possibility in his tests.

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Construction crews broke ground this summer on WIPP’s Safety Significant Confinement Ventilation System (SSCVS), a new ventilation that is expected to almost double the available airflow in the underground. 

For a small investment, a proper ventilation system in an indoor grow space will greatly improve the overall health of your plants. Even a basic air circulation system will ensure a healthy and productive grow, while also reducing the presence of pests and other environmental ailments like mold and mildew.

The most obvious "no-duh" thing would be to turn off your whole-house humidifier if you have one.  A few other ways to lower indoor humidity levels are:

As the name might suggest, ducted air conditioners work primarily through a series of ducts to keep you cool. Ducted A/C has an internal fancoil unit installed in the roof space of the home. From this central location, a series of ducts run from it and into as many rooms in the house as the owner desires. From these ducts, this allows you to cool or heat each room individually – called zoning. This is done so by the thermostat on the wall, allowing you to select the temperature and other settings. The ease of cooling a whole house is apparent here, and if you’re constructing a new home or doing major renovations, then ducted air conditioning is a viable choice.

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Clive Shrubsole of Public Health England agrees. “Most studies indoors seem to indicate that plants alone have little or no impact on indoor pollutants,” he says.

The air in our homes is full of many other pollutants, from furnishings, heating and cooking. It’s often claimed normal houseplants reduce indoor air pollution, but researchers say in practice a few plants make little difference. “Yes, plants can remove pollutants, but it is unlikely to have a major impact on indoor air quality,” says Nicola Carslaw of the University of York, UK, who studies indoor air chemistry.

The recently revamped GeoInfo Map provides public access to information concerning about 270 types of public amenities, such as locations of free Wi-fi hotspots and real-time traffic and air quality data.

Tiny units are not the only approach to the problem; when The Heights was built in Vancouver, they used mechanical rooms on the top floor and a big mess of ducts down to all the units. When I asked Passive House expert Monte Paulsen about these individual units, he noted that filters had to be changed regularly and that meant either the people in the apartments had to do it, or management had to gain access on a regular basis. Both are problematic.

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