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I absolutely love driving my Safari 911. Although I have yet to do any real off-roading (Leh recommended a few hundred street miles, then a thorough once-over to make sure everything is nice and tight after installation, before doing any real abusive driving), this is the most fun petrol-powered city car I’ve ever driven. Like a Raptor, speed bumps are best taken at full throttle; the car skips over them like a stone. Potholes need not be avoided, and dips in the road become jump opportunities. There’s some additional body roll along with the extra travel, but the handling remains predictable and the manual steering, direct. With the reduced rear grip of the off-road tires, it’s even possible to get predictable, mild oversteer at fairly low speeds, on tarmac. I’ve parked it up on curbs, driven it over downed trees in the road, and taken driveways straight on that would require gnashed teeth and sweaty palms in a stock height 911. And the whole time, I’ve never for a second felt like I wasn’t piloting a performance-oriented 911. It’s got the sound, the response, the look and feel you want from a Porsche, just pointed in a different direction and cranked up to 13. I even watched as the valets shifted a Bentley GT a few feet over, so I could have front row parking at Mastro’s.

The research is one of a growing number of studies exploring ways in which we can modify plants to perform different tasks.

When the researchers compared their findings to data from living animals, they discovered that the dinosaurs’ noses were just as efficient at warming and cooling respired air. "This was a case of nature finding a different solution to the same problem," said Bourke.

Along with the use of the zero-emission Zamboni, Oceanside said it strives to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in all aspects of the rink.

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High-speed ceiling or floor fans can help increase air movement, but they have several disadvantages when compared to HVLS ceiling fans. HVLS fans can move larger volumes of air with a single fan covering an area up to 22,000 square feet. In fact, a single HVLS fan can replace as many as 10 to 20 floor fans, without any of the clutter caused by electrical cords on the ground.

Denham says expanded VDC capabilities allowed the firm to pursue larger projects, such as a $22.3-million contract for mechanical and plumbing systems on the Western State Hospital project in Staunton, Va. Previously, he says, “It was a big deal if we did a $2- or $3-million single project.” Southern Air was hired in the proposal stage of the public-private-hospital partnership project, completed in 2013, so it could help designers maintain the budget. The firm also installed a more than 1,000-ton variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with dedicated ventilation systems for exhaust and fresh air, which it says is the largest water-cooled VRF system in North America.

He also pointed to numerous infrastructure improvements in the last year, such as replacement of a salt hoist and adjustment of WIPP’s north access road. 

HRV units usually have options for CO2 sensors and additional filter grades up to F8 grade (under the EN3779 standard). HRV units typically also come with options for hard-wired local controllers and hard-wired contacts for building management system (BMS) integration as well as options for full integration via adaptors to communicate in BACnet, LonWorks, or Modbus protocols. They are also very good solutions for creating additional ventilation, especially when a building’s use has changed or where the incumbent system may be a little undersized.

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Even more importantly is the cost of operations associated with running a fleet of fire trucks up and down the road—not to mention the risk of life and limb every time they’re dispatched, especially when it’s an unwanted alarm (See sidebar, “By the Numbers,” below).

Ventilation is a significant part of the of the total space heating load, particularly in new-build schools with low fabric heat losses. Heating incoming air can be between 20% and 50% of a building’s thermal load and should be reduced as far as practically possible. Additional outside air entering the building in the winter above the minimum required to achieve good air quality is wasted energy.

The Holiday 2 (above) is an update to the ever popular Holiday stroller from Britax. It’s the same concept, but with two new features – an integrated foot rest and a zip-operated recline.

The agreement to divest the commercial/industrial air heat exchanger business to LU-VE Group will affect about 400 employees, mainly based at the production sites in Italy, Finland, and India, and the purpose is to transfer the employees to the LU-VE Group as per closing date of the transaction. Alfa Laval will continue to supply air heat exchangers — such as Alfa Laval ACE, Alfa Laval Niagara, and Alfa Laval OLMI — for heavy process industry applications and other types of heat exchangers, such as brazed heat exchangers, for the HVAC and refrigeration industry.

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