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Your home: It’s your place of refuge… a zone of safety for you and your family. However, there are dangers even within the boundaries of your sanctuary. From gasses to metals, and even over-the-counter medicines, there are important precautions you should take to ensure your home is free from common dangers.

Which means CO2 and its natural refrigerant cousin ammonia are well-positioned to become the de facto future-proof alternatives for ice rinks.

The HVAC contractor explained to me that there was a leak somewhere in my heating system, which slowly bled off pressure into the attic-heating hot-water circuit. Due to the amount of air in the hot-water pipe, the circulator pump simply couldn

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While most unit ventilator tops are off-limits for books and supplies, the Slimline’s built-in, aesthetic 1-1/4-inch-thick laminate worktop feature can support books and supplies while also adding classroom display space. Laminates can be ordered in a variety of colors.

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By comparison, conventional fire alarm systems (and there are still many out there) consist of zones with multiple smoke and heat detectors connected in such a manner that when one goes into alarm, there is no way to immediately know which one did it without inspecting the entire lot. But even that doesn’t always work because there’s often one person in the crowd that pushes the reset button, resetting the system and the offending detector cannot be identified.

Finally, compatibility among different heating and cooling technologies needs to be addressed. Air handlers with heating and cooling coils can typically be supplied by two differing technologies: chiller or direct expansion (DX) units. Chillers can provide both heating and cooling to the coils and are a very effective way of providing the required capacity with the associated water pump sets.

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CO2 refrigeration is a relative newcomer to the ice rink market, with the first installation in 2010 at an arena in Saint Gédéon, Canada. But it is gaining traction as a green alternative in the U.S. and especially in Canada, where there are more than 40 CO2 ice rink systems, according to Carnot’s Lesmerises. Quebec has the most installations though “there is a lot of interest coast to coast,” said CIMCO’s Rodier.

Market forecasts are provided for each of the following submarkets, product-type and by application/end-user categories:

A holistic view should be taken at every point in the design process, and an assessment made as to whether these three criteria are being met.

One not-so-obvious advantage of HVLS fans is that they deter birds from flying into and nesting in hangars, even when they are open to the outdoor elements.

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