Black Cool Intelligent Controller for Energy Recovery Ventilator

Short Description:

  • Temperature display
  • 10 speed control
  • Weekly timer
  • External ON/OFF
  • Comfortable heater control
  • Defrosting control
  • CO2 control
  • Filter alarm
  • Fault alarm
  • Data memory
  • Night free cooling
  • BMS integration
  • Humidity control
  • Defrosting heater control
  • Working condition monitor
  • Sleep mode
  • WiFi function

Product Detail


wifi heat recovery ventilator

The functions include temperature display, fan speed control, weekly timer, external ON/OFF, comfortable heater control, defrosting control, CO2 control, filter alarm, fault alarm, data memory, night free cooling/by-pass function, BMS integration, humidity control, defrosting heater control, working condition monitor, sleep mode, wifi function, etc.

black cool controller

The operation video of back cool controller. Please follow us on YouTube to get the latest update.

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