Automotive Manufacturing Factory Industrial Air Handling Unit AHU

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Automotive Manufacturing Industry; Oversized Vehicles Industry ;Aircraft Manufacturing Industry; Other Industries

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 Industrial AHU is an air handling equipment which is designed according to specified project need and combined with cooling, heating (water/steam/gas burning etc), humidifying/dehumidifying (steam/spray/wheel etc), air-purifying (washing/filtration/electrostatic etc), energy recovery, and some relevant functions to create an optimal indoor climate to satisfy the production technical procedure need of the industrial workshop.

Holtop have been devoting ourselves on industrial building air quality solution for decades of years from unit design, manufacturing, factory pre-assembly and testing, shipping, to site installation, commissioning, training and maintenance. We provide flexible options to meet the requirements of your manufacturing facility or process. We have 50B, 80C, 80B series for different capacity range.

ahu (49) ahu (50) ahu (51)
50B 80C 80B

 Industrial air handling units  Modelsairflow

Type 50B 80C 80B
Structure Frame structure Expose beam connection Frame structure Expose beam connection Pure panel structure smooth internal side
Insulation material PU/Rockwool PU/Rockwool Rockwool
Insulation thickness (mm) 50 80 80
Density (kg/m3) ≥45/60-120 ≥45/60-120 60-120
Flame retarded class B1/A B1/A A
Airflow range (m3/h) 10000-280000 20000-320000 100000-320000
Total pressure (Pa) ≤2800 ≤3200 ≤4000
Casing mechanical strength GB14294-2008 GB14294-2008 EN1886-2007 D1
Thermal transmittance EN1886-2007 T2 EN1886-2007 T2 EN1886-2007 T2
Cold bridge EN1886-2007 TB2 EN1886-2007 TB2 EN1886-2007 TB2
Air leakage Smaller than clean room AHU Smaller than clean room AHU EN1886-2007 L1
Comply standard GB GB European

Industrial air handling units  main sections

ahu design main section

Industrial air handling units projects for automobile manufacturing  applications

ahu for auto factory

Industrial air handling units projects for automobile production factory

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