HOLTOP Rotary Heat Recovery Air Handling Units For Wazhou Group Wind Power Spindle Bearing Project

Wazhou Group’s Wind Power Main Spindle Bearing Project, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, has officially commenced production. The manufacturing facility adopts Holtop Rotary Heat Recovery Air Handling Units to meet stringent environmental requirements, aiding Wazhou Group in crafting flagship products. This initiative aims to break foreign market monopolies, promote the domestic production of high-precision equipment like wind power new energy, and provide robust support for stabilizing the industrial and supply chains.


Wazhou Group, the cradle of China’s bearing industry, holds a significant position in the global bearing sector. The Wind Power Main Spindle Bearing Project is a crucial milestone for Wazhou Group in accelerating its ‘One Body, Two Wings’ development model and breaking through high-end manufacturing. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the project is a key investment aiming to seize opportunities in achieving carbon peak and neutrality, benchmarking world-class standards, and deepening brand construction. The commencement of this project’s construction will greatly enrich the industrial innovation ecosystem in the Dalian area, contributing to the revitalization of Northeast China’s old industrial base.


The Wind Power Main Spindle Bearing Project by Wazhou Group is located in the Dalian Free Trade Zone and consists of 6 automated bearing processing lines and 3 heat treatment production lines. The project incorporates 12 Holtop rotary heat recovery air handling units, deployed in the bearing processing workshop, heat treatment workshop, and office building. These units ensure optimal air quality for production needs while reducing air conditioning energy consumption and operating costs. This setup establishes an energy-efficient and intelligent HVAC system for the manufacturing facility.


Considering the characteristics of the manufacturing process, which require large air volume, high air cleanliness, precise electrical control, and good energy efficiency, Holtop has developed a scientifically designed fresh air conditioning system. The air conditioning units utilize the 50U series, known for its superior mechanical strength, excellent insulation performance, and cold bridge isolation capability. These units are equipped with a combination of panel and bag filter solutions to ensure high indoor air cleanliness and meet production requirements.


Holtop’s heat recovery air handling units utilize a rotary heat exchanger, which continuously transfers the energy contained in exhaust air to fresh air through the cyclic operation of the rotary wheel. The advanced international molecular sieve coating technology ensures efficient heat exchange, while self-cleaning and flexible sealing technologies effectively prevent air cross-contamination. In the Wazhou Group Wind Power Main Spindle Bearing Project, a single unit handles a large volume of fresh air. The rotary heat exchanger achieves efficient heat exchange while occupying a compact enclosure, minimizing footprint and reducing operating costs. This high heat exchange efficiency translates into significant economic value for Wazhou Group.


The Wafangdian Bearing Group Wind Power Main Spindle Bearing Construction Project had a short overall project duration and stringent requirements. Upon receiving the project demands, Holtop swiftly organized a professional implementation team. From solution design, equipment production, on-site assembly, and operational testing to post-sales support, Holtop provided robust support at every step. This ensured the timely and high-quality completion of supply, installation, and commissioning tasks, earning high praise and recognition from the Wazhou Group.


Holtop has accumulated rich experience in the HVAC field across various industries including automotive manufacturing, aircraft painting, electronic purification, and wind power. With numerous successful cases under its belt, Holtop’s 50U and 80B series air conditioning units are tailored to meet industrial production needs for air quality, precise air regulation, intelligence, and low energy consumption. These units are a testament to Holtop’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance indoor environments across diverse industrial sectors.

Post time: Jan-29-2024