Pearl River 1000 Villas –HOLTOP Energy Recovery Ventilation System Installation Case

1. Project introduction

Pearl River 1000 villasis located at the first station of the Olympic North villa district, near Beijing Spring Center.

As one of the most popular villa areas , the Pearl River villa cluster is not only unique in the design of landscapes, but also the facilities. Among them, HOLTOP energy recovery ventilator(ERV) is selected to be the fresh air ventilation system. The HOLTOP energy recovery ventilator brings forest breathing experience to the owners with its high-efficiency air purification effect, two way ventilation and outstanding performance.

2. Feature of HOLTOP Eco-slim Energy Recovery Ventilator

The project selected the Eco-slim energy recovery ventilator which wins the favor of the owners with their outstanding performance and exquisite appearance.

ceiling erv (1)

  • 1) Three classes of physical filtration, sub-HEPA grade filter, PM2.5 filtration efficiency up to 99%.
  • 2) Unique internal thermal insulation structure, anti-condensation, noise isolation.
  • 3) Noble design with zinc aluminum alloy panel.
  • 4) Compact and easy maintenance design,slim design to save more indoor space, makinginstallation more convenient.
  • 5) Large touch screen type LCD controller, with PM2.5 and IAQ display, filter cleaning remind functions.
3. Design Instructions

Unlike ordinary houses, villas are generally with higher floor height and with more space for equipment and pipelines. Considering the actual site issues such as overall renovation and construction layout, HOLTOP decisively chose the fresh air top delivery system.

To scientifically organized the airflow, firstly, fresh air and return air should cover all areas where there is personnel activity as much as possible, but also pay attention to control the air speed to avoid uncomfortable air. Secondly, fresh air outlet and return air inlet are installed in pairs, or the fresh air surrounds the return air,to make air flow regularly and pulls the air circulation in the space. Last but note lease, to ensure a slight positive pressure.

4. The Installation Process

A saying goes that a good fresh air system is30% by equipment, 70% by installation. HOLTOP not only provides good equipment, but also provides good service.

1) ERV Equipment Positioning and Lifting

The location of the ceiling fresh air system is very particular.Except considering the convenience and nice appearanceof the piping layout,we must also avoid excessive crossovers. In addition, We should also consider the following two points. First, the ERV equipment should be lifted away from the area where personnel are often active. Although HOLTOP has confidence in the low noise of the equipment, it is wise to choose a more intimate location.

Secondly, the location of equipment lifting should be convenient to take fresh air and discharge air, and try to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the facade. The fresh air inlet should be located at a well-ventilated place,and avoiding excessive humidity, and keeping away from the smoke outlet and bathroom vents.

2) Air outlet/inlet punching

The outdoor punching ofair outlet/inlet should be strictly positioned according to the location of ERV equipment and adopt a technical drill for drilling. The part of air outlet/inlet pipe will be protected by wall feed-through sleeve. Once the piping is installed, HOLTOPengineers will do waterproofed and repaired in time, and the interior and outdoor wall will be repaired. At the same time, the stainless steel rain caps will be installed at the outdoor end.

ceiling erv (2)

3) Indoor Piping Layout

For the indoor pipeline, all adopt famous brand food grade environmental protection pipe, antibacterial, anti-static, health and safety. The high quality round air inlets/outlets are also selected to ensure good air supply. After the air inlets/outletsare constructed, they should be sealed to ensure the cleanliness of the entire system.

ceiling erv (1)

4) Electrical Construction

The most important thing about electrical construction is safety. The power cords and control wires drawn from the ERV equipment are all protected with threaded sleeves. At last, the high-tech feel touch screen controller will be installed on wall for daily operation

Holtop always aims at supplying healthy and energy saving energy recovery ventilation system to your home and bringing forest fresh air to your family.

Post time: May-17-2018