HOLTOP HVAC Cooperated with Mercedes-Benz for Seven Years

Holtop attended the Facilities Open Day Event held by Beijing Mercedes-Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. in November 2018. The theme of the event is to create a green smart factory, to experience the smart technology of the Mercedes-Benz automobile manufacturing plant, to demonstrate the special craftsmanship and facilities contribute to Mercedes-Benz’s high quality automobiles.benz ahu (5)

As a supplier of Mercedes-Benz energy-saving air-conditioning systems, HOLTOP was invited to participate in this open-day event, and showing the cooperation between HOLTOP and Mercedes-Benz for seven years.

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*The senior leaders of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Auto Co., Ltd. visited the HOLTOP exhibition area and fully affirmed the energy saving effects by HOLTOP products.

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*The instructor explained in details the wide applications of HOLTOP energy-saving air conditioners in Mercedes-Benz production.


For seven years, HOLTOP has tailored a comprehensive air handling solution for precision air temperature and humidity control, cleanliness control, airflow organization, hazardous gas concentration control, vibration noise control and energy recovery for Mercedes-Benz.

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*HOLTOP heat recovery air conditioning unit detailed show


HOLTOP and Mercedes-Benz seven-year cooperation trip

In 2012, HOLTOP air conditioning system for the Mercedes engine complex plant was put into use.

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Power center  & Engine complex plant


In 2013, HOLTOP air conditioning system for Mercedes-Benz generator complex plant, power battery equipment workshop put into use.

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Power battery equipment workshop & Generator complex plant & Power center & Discharge area & Sewage treatment station


From 2014 to 2017, the HOLTOP air conditioning system for the welding shop, stamping shop and assembly shop of the Benz NGCC plant was put into use.

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Welding shop & Stamping shop & Assembly shop of the Benz NGCC plant & Moulding shop


From 2014 to 2017, the HOLTOP air conditioning system for the Mercedes-Benz MRA plant assembly workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop and complex factory was put into use.

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Assembly workshop & Welding workshop & Painting workshop & Complex factory 


In 2018, HOLTOP comfort air conditioning system for Mercedes-Benz’s new office building was put into use.

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HOLTOP has provided hundreds of heat recovery air handling units for Mercedes-Benz, with more than 10 million cubic meters airflow. Using the core technology of heat recovery to create huge economic value for Mercedes-Benz.


Good news again! HOLTOP signs new contract for Mercedes-Benz Battery Factory Project.

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On the opening day, HOLTOP and Mercedes-Benz once again signed an air-conditioning system project of “Beijing Benz Battery Factory”, which is a battery factory jointly built by Mercedes-Benz and BAIC. This will become an important part of Mercedes-Benz’s global battery network, laying the foundation for Mercedes-Benz’s transition to zero emissions.

Post time: Nov-12-2018