Holtop won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 CRH

Holtop won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China Refrigeration Expo

From April 7th to 9th, 2023, the 34th International Exposition on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, and Food Freezing and Processing (2023 China Refrigeration Expo) was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Holtop's new and varied exposition space, diversified display forms, and temperature-appropriate technical theme attracted domestic and foreign merchants, visitors, and many well-known media, which made Holptop stand out from the 2023 China Refrigeration .

Holtop won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China Refrigeration Expo

Holtop's latest comfort series ceiling-mounted ERV products won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China Refrigeration Expo with their ingenious structure, unique form, and breakthrough processing technology.

Holtop pioneered the "four-degree building concept" and redefined the way to handle healthy, energy-efficient, and comfortable air. At this exposition, the company focused closely on new air and air conditioning system solutions, showcasing leading energy-saving technologies and continuously innovative new air and air conditioning products. Among them, Heat exchangers feature a variety of forms, , and air conditioning products feature a variety of energy-saving options. Holtop hopes to contribute to the achievement of China's double carbon goal through continuous innovation of products.

Holtop won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China Refrigeration Expo

Holtop has mastered the core technology of heat recovery and is committed to the research and development of air heat recovery technology, and its independently developed heat exchange products are widely used in various fields. The rotary heat exchanger, U-shaped heat pipe heat exchanger, 3D counterflow heat exchanger, and other products on display have outstanding energy-saving effects so customers are highly interested in them.

Holtop won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China Refrigeration Expo

The theme of this year's Refrigeration exposition is "Focus on Global Cooling and Heating, Commit to System Innovation", and innovation is the core competitiveness of Holtop. In 2023, Holtop's latest Comfort series ceiling-mounted ERV products won the China Refrigeration exposition Innovation Product Award with their ingenious structure and unique form after being inspected and researched by a review committee.

In the new air exposition area, the audience was incessant. Through the visualization panel, the internal structure could be seen, the workmanship was solid and the style was novel, which left a deep impression on the audience. Especially for exporting to Europe, the series of products attracted many foreign customers to stop and take a closer look, learn more about the functions and features of the products, and reach export intentions.

Holtop won the Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China Refrigeration Expo

Holtop's mission is "to make air treatment more healthy, comfortable and energy-saving", and the concept of energy saving runs through every aspect of product design. In the air conditioning exposition area, the integrated rooftop unit stood out with its strong air treatment capabilities and convenient advantages of instant installation.

The integrated rooftop unit is an energy-saving central air conditioning product that integrates refrigeration, heating, and air treatment. The unit integrates a compressor, evaporator, condenser, ventilation parts, etc. in one box, which not only has basic refrigeration and heating functions, but also offers options for humidification, heat recovery, and filtering as needed, featuring high energy efficiency, compact structure, easy installation, ready to use, low noise, stability, and reliability.

The low-temperature air source heat pump unit displayed in the air conditioning exposition area is fearless of extreme cold. The unit adopts an EVI enthalpy compressor, which has excellent heating capacity in a low-temperature environment, and the heating and cooling performance of the unit is improved comprehensively, reaching the national level of energy efficiency, making it an excellent choice for efficient and clean heating in winter.

Holtop full DC inverter air conditioning unit adopts a DC inverter compressor and DC inverter fan motor, which can quickly add or remove load according to the load demand of the internal unit, quickly meet the demand of heat load change, and quickly achieve precise temperature and humidity adjustment.

Holtop is deeply engaged in the field of hospital air conditioning and other fields with high requirements for purification levels. The digital split condensing heat recovery unit exhibited during the exposition is especially suitable for such an environment, which uses energy-saving technologies such as condensing exhaust air heat recovery, and makes full use of the energy of exhaust air while avoiding cross-infection and thus realizing energy-saving of the whole air conditioning system.

In the future, Holtop will uphold to the mission of "making air treatment more healthy, comfortable and energy-saving", continuously innovate products, practice the green low-carbon concept, and provide users with quality products and services with core air treatment technologies and energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.


Post time: Apr-17-2023