HOLTOP Manufacturing Base Carried Out Monthly Safety Production Activity

Faced with a complex and ever-changing safety and development environment, HOLTOP strictly observes the safety red line. In order to prevent and resolve risks, timely eliminate hidden safety hazards, and effectively contain production safety accidents, HOLTOP held the “Safe Production Month” activities in June 2020, under the theme of “Preventing Risks, Eliminating hazards and Containing Accidents”.

Monthly Safety Production Activity

Production Safety Month

1.Dissemination of safety culture was carried out through multiple channels such as holding mobilization meetings, posting slogan banners, producing production site panels, LED display screens, WeChat groups and so on.

2. “Emergency Rescue Skills Competition” activities were carried out , such as setting up hydrant hose connections, dry powder fire extinguishers and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Educating safety production emergency rescue knowledge through competitions.

3. The “Watch Video Together” training was organized and accident warning education activities were carried out . By watching videos and organizing discussions, it can comprehensively improve the employees’ ability to perceive risks and establish the concept of “hidden hazards are accidents”.

4. Conducted the collection of rational suggestions on the theme “Everyone is a Safety Officer”, and advocated employees to propose improvement suggestions from different perspectives in the spirit of ownership, and participated in company management. The collected safety improvement suggestions were analyzed, demonstrated, and implemented one by one.

5. Intensify efforts to conduct cross-regional safety inspections. The four inspection teams led by the manager of the manufacturing department went deep into the site to carry out major safety inspections to comprehensively investigate various safety hazards and eliminate risks.

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Details Decide the Quality

Through the activities of the “Safety Production Month”, the safety awareness of all employees was further enhanced, the implementation of the safety production responsibility system was strongly promoted and the good situation of safe production was guaranteed. A good environment was created for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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Production safety is of paramount importance. Strictly observing the safety red line is not only responsible to employees, to the society, but also to customers. Each timely delivery of equipment comes from the control of details. HOLTOP continues to do safe production education, create a safe production environment, and provide quality products for our customers.

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Post time: Jul-01-2020