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  • March EXPO Sourcing Festival

    March EXPO Sourcing Festival

    Holtop was selected as one of the top best suppliers during Alibaba’s March Expo Promotion season. The March Expo was held during March 5th to 31st by Buyers who place order within this period could get many benefits. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more details. ...
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  • Benefits of MVHR Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

    Benefits of MVHR Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

    Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system provides an ideal ventilation solution, and the technology couldn’t be more straightforward. Stale air is taken away from ‘wet’ rooms in the home through a combination of hidden ducts. This air passes through a heat exchanger in the unit of the mai...
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  • Walk into Holtop Manufacturing Workshop, to Feel the Intelligent Manufacturing

    Walk into Holtop Manufacturing Workshop, to Feel the Intelligent Manufacturing

    Walk into Holtop manufacturing shop, without any distance to feel the running automatically production equipment, to see the comprehensive and latest production scale, to witness the updated production structure and to taste the Holtop new production strategy.
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  • Fresh Air to G20 Summit

    Fresh Air to G20 Summit

    The world-famous 2016 G20 summit was held from September 4th to 5th in Hangzhou, China. As the world’s second largest economy, also the world’s largest developing country, China is more meaningful and responsible to hold the G20 summit.Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse is the guest re...
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  • China Refrigeration 2011, Shanghai

    China Refrigeration 2011, Shanghai

    On April 7th to 9th, 2011, the 22nd International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage which is also named China Refrigeration Expo, was held in Shanghai New International Economy Centre. Near 1200 companies from 32...
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  • China Refrigeration 2010, Beijing

    China Refrigeration 2010, Beijing

    The 21th China Refrigeration 2010 held in Beijing from Apr.7-9. Holtop products HRVs and ERVs, Plate and Rotary heat exchangers and AHUs interested many visitors from both home and abroad.                             Report on...
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  • China Refrigeration 2009, Guangzhou

    China Refrigeration 2009, Guangzhou

    The 20th China Refrigeration 2009 held in Guangzhou from Apr.5-7. Holtop products heat recovery ventilators, energy recovery ventilators and rotary heat exchangers reached preliminary cooperation intentions with many visitors and accepted a lot of media.            ...
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  • Chillventa 2008, Nuremberg Germany

    Chillventa 2008, Nuremberg Germany

    Holtop showed newest products -plate type heat exchangers and counterflow plate exchanger HRV on the fair of Chillventa, International Trade Fair Refrigeration • Air Conditioning • Heat Pumps in Nuremberg Germany from Oct.15-17, 2008.  Report on Oct 23, 2008
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