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holtop showroom

holtop showroom

After 20 years of development, Holtop has formed a sustainable industrial layout centering on the fields of heat recovery ventilators, air conditioning, and environmental protection. The new exhibition hall fully displays the latest research and development achievements and innovative products in these three fields. The exhibition hall sets up the core heat exchanger exhibition area, heat recovery ventilator exhibition area, air conditioning exhibition area, and environmental protection products exhibition area. 

air cooler unit



Heat exchanger exhibition area


Heat exchanger exhibition area

Holtop has mastered the core technology of heat recovery. The efficiency of the latest generation 3D counter-flow heat exchange is up to 95%. The whole body is washable and has a long service life. It represents the leading technology in the field of the air heat exchanger.  


heat exchanger exhibition area

Holtop self-developed many series of heat exchanger products. There are nearly 100 kinds of specifications.  Holtop adapts VR technology to exhibit each product for visitors. They can compare the differences between types of heat exchangers and their applications.


 Fresh air system exhibition area

Fresh air system exhibition areaFresh air system exhibition areaFresh air system exhibition areaFresh air system exhibition area

The displayed Vertical HRV series is the best-selling product in 2021 overseas, and the Eco-clean series is the most popular product in the real estate industry. Through the display of product internal details, the customers could experience the change of air quality by heat recovery ventilators and feel the technology is helping improve the quality of life.


 Air conditioning exhibition area

Air conditioning exhibition area

With “full DC inverter + comfort air” technology,  we provide more energy-saving air conditioning products for open spaces and meet diverse needs. In the air conditioning exhibition area, the newly developed air handling unit and modular air-cooled chiller are displayed. Holtop can provide comfortable and energy-saving systems for open spaces, industrial plants, hospitals, and other special environments through different combinations.

Air conditioning exhibition area


Holtop’s air conditioning products integrate the core technology of heat recovery and fully meet European standards. The digital double cold source deep dehumidification and heat recovery units on display fully demonstrate Holtop’s technical advantages in precise temperature and humidity control, deep dehumidification, energy-saving, and other aspects.


Air conditioning exhibition area

The products with self cooling source become a new growth of the group. The show room display the all DC 

inverter DX air handling unit, total heat recovery type air cooled heat pump chiller, and low ambient temperature enhance heating air source heat pump unit. 

Through the combination with the terminal ventilation unit, it create more comfortable indoor environment for all kinds of buildings. 

Through a variety of energy-saving measures, it promote the low-carbon development of the air conditioning industry.

Holtop digital intelligent fresh air ventilation systems are widely used in the field of hospital construction, Holtop assisted the construction of several epidemic prevention sites and fangcang hospital. In the digital fresh air system exhibition area, the whole system is demonstrated by supply and exhaust units, variable air volume modules, and intelligent control systems. Holtop provides a more scientific and perfect solution for hospital construction.


Environmental protection exhibition area

Environmental protection exhibition area Environmental protection exhibition area

In the field of environmental protection, Holtop realizes the recycling of industrial waste gas and waste liquid with the technology of “VOCs + extraction liquid separation”, which is widely used in industries such as lithium battery diaphragm and special fiber manufacturing, creating great value for enterprises and contributing to the protection of the environment. In the environmental protection exhibition area, the model shows in detail the recycling process of waste gas and waste liquid of a lithium battery diaphragm production enterprise. Through one year of stable operation, Holtop environmental protection products can recover 9,000 tons of solvent and reduce 8998 tons of emissions.

holtop showroom


The new exhibition hall of Holtop’s Badaling manufacturing base shows the new outlook of enterprise development and new achievements in technology development. Over the past 20 years, the constantly innovative heat recovery ventilators, air conditioners, and environmental protection products are widely used in various public buildings, large venues, residences, hospitals, factories, and so on. In the future, Holtop will continue to keep the research and development concept of low-carbon and innovation, develop more suitable products for users, lead the industry development and serve a better life.

You are always welcome to visit us.

Post time: Jun-15-2022