HOLTOP Fresh Air System and Suning Deepen Cooperation in 2019

In 2019, Suning E-commerce will provide a comprehensive supply chain of air conditioners, fresh air systems, heating products, and whole house water purification products to provide consumers with a “full house” ecosystem solution. As the first cooperated brand of Suning fresh air system, Holtop will cooperate with Suning to deepen cooperation and create success together.

 suning holtop fresh air system

On December 5, 2018, at the Suning headquarters, Holtop opened the prelude to strategic cooperation with Suning with a series of activities such as industry development, user experience and resource integration. The two sides jointly formulated the 2019 Fresh Air Strategic Objectives, e-commerce sales strategy and overall training plan.

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The strategic cooperation has been fully launched. Holtop offices and Suning regions have responded enthusiastically. Various localities have held new market exchange meeting, sharing fresh air knowledge and Holtop smart home fresh air ventilation solutions, and jointly agreeing on regional fresh air market development plans.

On Dec.18th, more than 60 employees from Suning Beijing District came to the Holtop Badaling Manufacturing Base for the training of Holtop ventilation system and explore the future  cooperation plan of Beijing Region. During the meeting, there was a warm and enthusiastic question and answer session. The conversation made everyone have deeper understanding of heat recovery ventilation products and technical knowledge. During the visit, everyone understood the production processes of Holtop fresh air products, felt the strong scientific research and production strength, and strengthened the confidence to create new achievements.

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As the first channel of China’s 3C home appliances, Suning has more than 4,000 offline stores. In 2019, Holtop and Suning will work together to build a humanized, scene-based fresh air experience pavilion to let consumers feel at home. At the same time, Holtop will establish a systematic and standardized service processes to provide consumers with comprehensive services such as consulting, survey, design, installation and maintenance.suning holtop fresh air system 4


Post time: Jan-18-2019