HOLTOP Was Invited to Participate in the 7th China Automotive Coating Technology Summit Conference

On May 29, 2019, the 7th China Automotive Coating Technology Summit Conference and 2019 Automotive Painting Exhibition Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou. The conference was based on the theme of “Four New (New Technologies, New Equipment, New Materials, New Processes) Application of Green Upgrades and High Quality Development”. The conference aims to strengthen the development of new development concepts throughout the development of the automotive painting industry; implement the scientific development and high-quality development requirements of the automotive painting industry; comprehensively deepen exchanges and cooperation, improve the technology, equipment and management level of the automotive coating industry, and reduce the coating cost of automobile manufacturing. The improvement of coating management level, the discussion of VOC emission reduction technology and the application and promotion of high-quality alternative new technologies will improve the innovation and development capability of China’s automobile coating technology.

industrial air conditioning07

industrial air conditioning05

industrial air conditioning06

HOLTOP was invited as a manufacturer of process air conditioning and VOC control systems for automotive coating plants to participate in the summit. During the meeting, HOLTOP representatives held in-depth talks with leaders and colleagues and put forward some experiences and new technologies of HOLTOP in the process air conditioning and voc management of the painting plant.

industrial air conditioning04 meeting interview

HOLTOP has unique insights and core products for the research of process air conditioning and VOC management systems in the automotive industry. Since 2011, the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz has never been interrupted. HOLTOP central air conditioning system is used in Mercedes-Benz stamping, welding, painting, engine, final assembly and other plants. The equipment is stable in operation and meets the requirements of temperature, humidity and cleanliness of Mercedes-Benz production. Based on the professional and technical nature of the HOLTOP Group in the field of industrial air conditioning, as well as quality products and services, HOLTOP has continued cooperation with Mercedes-Benz.

industrial air conditioning03Application of HOLTOP comfort air conditioner in Mercedes-Benz office building

industrial air conditioning02

Application of HOLTOP industrial air conditioner in Mercedes-Benz Plant

industrial air conditioning

Application of HOLTOP industrial air conditioner in Mercedes-Benz Plant

In addition to helping domestic auto companies get rid of their dependence on foreign air conditioners, HOLTOP products are also exported to all over the world. HOLTOP provides a complete set of air conditioning system and heat recovery air conditioning system to coating workshops, small parts painting workshops, assembly workshops and welding workshops for Belarus Geely Automobile production plants. HOLTOP has moved from domestic to international, and the company’s pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy has been best explained in the development of products.

industrial air conditioning08

HOLTOP AHU at the Geely Belarus Project Site

HOLTOP environmental protection products seek a new balance between energy saving and emission reduction and economic benefits. They have provided a full set of VOCS management systems for a number of lithium battery separator manufacturers, which has created rich value for enterprises.

VOC management

VOC management project installation site for lithium battery diaphragm enterprise (first and second phase)

To make air treatment more healthy and energy-saving, HOLTOP is committed to technology development in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, creating an extraordinary experience for users and creating a national brand of the world.

Post time: Jun-07-2019