Holtop is pride in China


Daxing International Airport is known as the top of “the New Seven Wonders of the World”. HOLTOP’s clean, comfortable and energy-saving air treatment solutions and products contributed a lot to the construction of this airport.


“Only by enriching your knowledge can you reach a higher level”. Innovation is becoming the main drive of the Chinese economy. Reform and opening up have enabled China to achieve brilliant achievements in politics, economy, sports, science and technology, and military affairs. It is a great miracle in the history of human development and has embarked a glorious path of humanity on the history book.


Some contributions made by HOLTOP

China-Hangzhou-Xihu State Hotel

HOLTOP Group provides fresh air heat recovery ventilation system and guarantees 24-hours service for the G20 Summit National Reception Center.

G20 Summit National Reception Center.

Belarus-Borisov-Geely Automobile Manufacturing Base

HOLTOP air conditioning system meets the high standards of indoor air for automotive manufacturing.

Belarus-Borisov-Geely Automobile Manufacturing Base

China-Beijing-People’s Bank of China

The People’s Bank of China creates the best financial environment and HOLTOP Group creates the best air environment.

People's Bank of China

China-Changde-Lithium Battery Diaphragm Production Base of Hunan Chinaly New Material Co.,Ltd.

HOLTOP VOCs treatment and extract separation and recovery system not only protect the environment, but also create great economic value.


China-Beijing, Qingdao-Olympic Center, Laoshan Bicycle Hall, Fencing Hall, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, Doping Control Center, etc.

HOLTOP Group supplied the fresh air ventilation systems for the Olympic venues, guarantees services 24 hours a day during the Olympic Games, and won the title of “Olympic Excellent Guarantee Enterprise”.

Olympic venues

China-Beijing, Zhangjiakou-Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee Office Center, Olympic Venues

HOLTOP Group supplied a complete fresh air purification system for the Olympic Games Organizing Committee Office Center and Olympic venues.

Winter Olympic Games

China-Shanghai-C919 Manufacturing Base

HOLTOP Group provided a combined heat recovery unit and fresh air purification system for C919 Production plant to meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, cleanliness and energy saving. It has created a high-quality home for the birth of C919.

C919 Manufacturing BaseC919 Manufacturing Base

China-Wuhan-National Network Security Base

The National Network Security Base is a key layout project in the field of network security in China. HOLTOP Group helps the national network security base to train network security talents.

National Network Security Base

China-Beijing-Central Military Commission Building

The HOLTOP fresh air purification system always provides a pure, oxygen-rich, fresh air environment.

Central Military Commission Building

China-Chengdu-Western Beidou Center

HOLTOP Fresh Air Purification System provides comfortable and clean air for the West Beidou Center, creating a good environment for technology research and development.

Along with the growing strength of the motherland, as a national brand in the fresh air industry, HOLTOP Group has also completed the technological innovation and transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and has been successfully recognized by users at home and abroad.

fresh air ventilation

For 18 years, the HOLTOP Group has grown from more than 10 people to nearly 600 people. From small-scale production to Asia’s largest fresh air products production base, it leads the development of domestic fresh air industry.

For 18 years, HOLTOP products have been awarded nearly 100 patents, from a single fresh air product to a product line covering the four major industries of commercial, household, industrial and environmental protection. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions overseas.

heat recovery unit manufacturer

In the past 70 years, the industry has changed. What remains unchanged is that the Chinese have worked tirelessly in ordinary positions and created extraordinary achievements. As a leading company in the fresh air industry, we feel the civilization and prosperity and enjoy the happiness and well-being brought by the new China. “Let the world breathe great HOLTOP air” is the goal of our striving. 

Love China

We are proud of our motherland, we love you, China.

Post time: Oct-01-2019