How to Choose the Correct Ventilation System to Go Against the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus

2019-nCoV Coronavirus has become a hot global health topic at the beginning of 2020. To protect ourself, we must understand the principle of virus transmission. According to research, the main route of transmission of new coronaviruses is through droplets, which means that the air around us may exist viruses, and the transmission of viruses is most likely to occur in airless places, such as classrooms, hospitals, movie theaters, and so on. At the same time, it is inevitable that the clothes will be contaminated with viruses when going out. Good ventilation will help reduce the number of viruses entering the human body, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.

fresh air home

Opening the windows in winter will bring discomfort, easily cause a cold, and severely increase the energy consumption of indoor air-conditioning. At this time, Holtop heat recovery ventilation system can perfectly solve the above problems by the following features,

1) High-efficiency brushelss DC motor, combined with intelligent control system, can realize indoor positive or negative pressure control to ensure no cross contamination.

2) F9 filter can effectively isolate outdoor pollutants and ensure the cleanliness of fresh air before sending into indoor

3) High-efficiency heat exchanger, effectively adjusting the temperature of the supply air, preheating the fresh air, improving indoor human comfort and greatly reducing the energy load of the indoor air conditioning system due to winter ventilation (by opening window if the cold fresh air goes indoor directly, then will increase the power old of heating devices).



Post time: Feb-08-2020