How to Choose Energy Recovery Ventilator for Decoration?

Should we install energy recovery ventilation (ERV) at home?

The answer is absolutely YES!


Think about how serious the outdoor smog and smoke pollution is.

And indoor decoration pollution has become a health killer.

By using the normal air purifier is like taking a shower in dirty water, slowly it will become a piece of furnishings.

While Energy recovery ventilator is stronger and cleaner to our best choice!

So let’s install one in our home!

But what kind of ERV should I choose?


Should I install energy recovery ventilation system before or after the decoration?


Before decoration, central energy recovery ventilation system is recommended, to better organize the ducts, ensuring the airflow and air quality to each area.

After decoration, ductless energy recovery ventilator is recommended, like Holtop wall-mounted and vertical energy recovery ventilator.

 How to Choose Energy Recovery Ventilator

Recommendations - before decoration

Scheme 1:

Recommended series: HOLTOP ceiling type energy recovery ventilation system

Installation suggestion: Similar to the central air conditioner, it can be concealed in the ceiling beautifully and stylishly, and ensuring reasonable layout of ducts and air quality. 

DMTH (6) ceo erv

Scheme 2:

Recommended series: HOLTOP duct type vertical energy recovery ventilation system

Installation suggestion: For rooms with limitation to ceiling height, you can choose the duct type vertical energy recovery ventilation system. The unit can be installed in the balcony or other places. The indoor air duct can be partially suspended, which is beautiful and fashionable. It also can guarantee reasonable layout of ducts and air quality.

 ERV installation


A flat at Beijing Dajiao Tingbei Street, with an area of 120m² and a height of 2.8m, has not been decorated yet. According to calculation, the space is 336m³, and we selected a 350m³/h air volume HOLTOP ceiling type energy recovery ventilator. The ERV unit and ducts are installed in the ceiling, which is beautiful and does not occupy the living space.

Required air volume is calculated based on the space or the number of people living in the house. But normally we calculate based on the space, since there will not be many people living in the house regularly.



Features and Installation views

Selected Model: C350PD2

install hrv - Quieter (low noise) and Cleaner (PM2.5 filter)-Smart control-High efficiency Total heat exchanger (up to 82%)

- Neat design for easy maintenance and smaller installation space

install hrv01 install hrv erv


Please ask for a professional engineer for better installation! ERV should be installed by professionals.

User reviews :

hrv review

User reviews: Because of the complicated construction, the installation process was a bit tortuous. Despite that the installation engineer worked hard from the beginning of the pipeline design to the later settlement of the construction problem. Now the machine is working perfectly fine and the effect is very good. While the outdoor pm2.5 rating is 100+, indoor is <2. The noise for max wind speed noise is very acceptable, and the noise of daily auto mode is basically equal to zero.

hrv review

User reviews: The installation engineer is very professional. I thought the installation was hard and complicated, but it was solved without any problems. With a quick test run, the indoor PM2.5 rating is between 1 and 2. It’s a great experience. Thank you, Mr. Wang for the installation.

Recommendation for after decoration

Scheme 1:

Recommended style: HOLTOP wall-mounted energy recovery ventilation system

Installation suggestion: It is directly installed in the room which needs improvement for air quality. It is suitable for areas less than 50㎡. Only Dust-free drilling needed, which does not affect the interior decoration.

wall mounted ERV

Scheme 2:

Recommended style: HOLTOP vertical energy recovery ventilation system.

Installation suggestion: The room with larger area can choose this direct blowing energy recovery energy recovery ventilation system with larger air volume. When it’s installed in the living room, the other rooms can use the principle of air convection to improve air quality. Only Dust-free drilling needed, which does not affect the interior decoration.

floor ERV 500 h


A flat in Jingzhou Shijia Community, the living area is 120㎡. It has been decorated and needs to install an energy recovery system. In order not to damage the decoration, we choose to install the HOLTOP cabinet and wall mounted series energy recovery system. The models are: ERVQ-L300-1A1 and ERVQ -B1501-1A1. The vertical energy recovery ventilation system is installed in the living room and the wall-mountedenergy recovery ventilation system is installed in the regularly bedroom, and the air motion in the other two rooms is also improved.


Features of the selected models

wall mounted ERV 1 ERVQ-B150-1A1- 30 minutes rapid purification- High efficiency PM2.5 filter (99%)

- New total heat exchanger, comfortable and energy saving

- 8 speeds DC Motor, super low consumption

- Special Sleep Mode for bedroom application

 floor ERV 500 h 2 ERVQ-L300-1A1- 30 minutes rapid purification- High efficiency PM2.5 filter (99%)

- New total heat exchanger, comfortable and energy saving

- 8 speeds DC Motor, super low consumption

- Jet air output with ample volume and blowing distance

Installation picture

hrv installation02hrv installation01

User reviews:

hrv review

User reviews: On the third day of purchase, the installation engineer came to my home to install. After installation, the wallpaper did not leave any traces, I’m very satisfied. After using for a few days, I feel that the ventilation effect is very obvious. I feel very comfortable. The ERV basically has no noise, which is great. 

hrv review

User review after 60 days:

The machine works very well. The after-sales service is very good. The engineer is very polite. Filter replacement is very convenient.

hrv review

User reviews: After comparing for a long time, I decided to choose the wall-mounted ERV. Now I buy a few more filters for spare. Holtop ERVs are very good, and the haze remove effect is very good.

hrv review

User reviews: The customer service is very patient and the engineer installed the unit very quickly. The wall is almost harmless. The ERV looks a bit larger than imagined, but the style is beautiful. Recently, I just decorated my house and I look forward to the follow-up performance.

Comparison of central energy recovery system and ductless energy recovery system

Ventilation systems are almost a standard device in modern homes, to improve the air quality indoor. We will now analyze from 3 aspects, the installation method, aesthetics and Purification level, to help you choose a system.

01 installation method

The installation work of the ceiling and vertical duct type energy recovery systems is large. It will need to be installed simultaneously with house decoration, when the wall and ceiling have not been processed and completed. The ERV unit and the pipeline are hidden in the ceiling. When doing water and electricity, you need to contact the engineer to check the installation environment to organize the piping layout, the installation location of the equipment, and the reserved position of the socket.
hrv installation case05

The wall-mounted and vertical ductless energy recovery system does not require pipe-laying, and can be installed before and after decoration without damaging the original decoration style. It will need a good job of indoor dust-proof for installing the energy recovery system, which will not affect your normal activities. The installation is very convenient. Just two vents on the outer wall are needed to complete the installation. The installation is very flexible and can meet the needs of any type of household.

 hrv installation case03

02 Aesthetics

The ceiling-type and vertical duct type energy recovery ventilator is installed before the decoration. The pipeline is hidden in the ceiling of the house, and only the air outlet is exposed to the room, which basically does not affect the interior decoration style.

 hrv installation case02

Wall-mounted and vertical ductless type energy recovery systems need to punch holes in the outer wall. It is recommended to choose different models according to the interior decoration style. You should choose a position which will not affect the daily life and ensure the ventilation effect to install.

 hrv installation case01

03 purification effect

The ceiling-type and vertical duct type energy recovery ventilator can purify the whole house, and the overall ventilation effect is better. Fresh air can be sent to each room through the pipeline, and the dirty air is vented by the exhaust vent, and the indoor air is purified more thoroughly.

ceiling erv

The wall-mounted and vertical ductless type energy recovery ventilator are restricted by pipe-less, so the air purification area is limited. But it can purify independent space. To achieve the whole house purification, it needs to be installed separately in each room.

wall erv


In short, the biggest difference between the two styles is that the wall-mounted and vertical ductless type energy recovery systems are not subject to decoration restrictions and can be installed at any time, but the ceiling-type and vertical energy recovery systems must be completed before decoration, and the air supply range is larger. It can achieve ventilation throughout the house.


HOLTOP energy recovery system

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Reasonable air supply temperature in winter and summer, energy saving and comfortable.

Can be installed before and after decoration

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