Hospital Fresh Air System Solutions Under Epidemic

Hospital Building Ventilation

As a regional medical center, modern large-scale general hospitals are responsible for many functions such as medicine, education, research, prevention, health care, and health consultation. Hospital buildings have the characteristics of complex functional divisions, large flow of people, high energy consumption, and high operating and maintenance costs.

 Hospital air system

The increasingly severity of COVID-19 epidemic has once again sounded the alarm for the prevention of infectious diseases and cross-infection in hospital buildings. Holtop digital intelligent fresh air system provides hospital buildings with integrated system solutions for air quality, air safety, energy saving and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Air quality solutions - Fresh air supply system

The special environment of the hospital building is filled with various smells for a long time. If the indoor air quality is not strictly regulated, the indoor air quality is seriously substandard, which is not conducive to the recovery of patients and threatens the health of medical staff at all times. Therefore, hospital buildings need to set appropriate fresh air volume according to different functional areas to ensure indoor air quality.

Function room Air changes per hour (times/h)
Outpatient Room 2
Emergency room 2
Dispensing room 5
Radiology Room 2
Ward 2

The national standard “GB50736-2012″ stipulates the minimum number of air changes for different functional rooms in hospital buildings.

The host of the HOLTOP digital intelligent fresh air system passes the fresh outdoor air through the pipeline system, cooperates with the intelligent module of the terminal of the functional room , and sends it into the room quantitatively, and adjusts the air volume in real time according to the data feedback from the indoor air quality monitoring module to maximize the air quality in functional rooms.

Air safety solutions 

Power Distribution

Ventilation system + disinfection and sterilization terminal

The safety of the ventilation system of the hospital building is particularly important. The HOLTOP digital intelligent fresh air system is linked to the host computer through the end of the intelligent ventilation module arranged in each functional room. It combines the monitoring data of indoor air quality and preset control logic to form a system in the hospital building. The orderly airflow organization forms a clean zone, restricted zone (semi-clean zone), and isolation zone (semi-contaminated zone and contaminated zone) according to the hygiene and safety level.

 Scientific Ventilation Path

The power distributed ventilation system ensures the pressure difference between adjacent rooms with different pollution levels. The degree of negative pressure in descending order is ward bathroom, ward room, buffer room and potentially polluted corridor. The air pressure in the clean area maintains a positive pressure relative to the outdoor atmospheric pressure. The ward, especially the negative pressure isolation ward, also fully considers the directional airflow organization principle of the air supply and exhaust vents. The fresh air supply vent is set in the upper part of the room, and the exhaust vent is set near the bedside of the hospital bed, which is conducive to exhaust the polluted air as soon as possible.

 negative pressure ward

isolation ward

In addition, in order to reduce the amount of bacteria and virus in the air sent to the functional room, a special disinfection and sterilization box is set in each terminal and linked with the ventilation host to ensure that the killing rate of the main virus is not less than 99.99%.

System layout (multiple system forms are optional)

System layout (multiple system forms are optional)

Pressure distribution diagram

Schematic of pressure distribution

Energy solution - Liquid circulation heat recovery system

The hospital has a large flow of people, and the energy consumption of ventilation and air conditioning accounts for more than 50% of the total energy consumption of the building. In order to effectively use the energy in the exhaust air to reduce the load of the ventilation and air-conditioning system, the Holtop digital fresh air system adopts the form of liquid circulation heat recovery, which not only completely eliminates the cross-contamination of the fresh air and exhaust air, but also efficiently utilizes the exhaust air energy.

 Liquid circulation heat recovery system

Liquid circulation heat recovery system 

Intelligent operation and maintenance solution

HGICS intelligent control system

Holtop’s digital intelligent fresh air system builds a smart control system network. The HGICS central control system monitors the digital host and each terminal system, and the system automatically submits information such as operation trend reports, energy consumption reports, maintenance reports, and fault point alarms which helps know very well of the data such as the operating status of the entire system, the power consumption of each device, and the loss of components, etc.

Room control system schematic

Holtop’s digital fresh air system solution is applied in more and more hospital constructions. Here are some project cases for reference.

Medical Technology Complex Building of the Second Hospital of Shandong University

Background: As the first hospital to pass the upgrade Grade III A hospital in the country, the medical technology complex covers the inpatient hall, laboratory medicine center, dialysis center, neurology ICU and general ward.

 Medical Technology Complex Building of the Second Hospital of Shandong University

The First People’s Hospital of Qingzhen City, Guiyang

Background: The first hospital in Guiyang City that was built in accordance with the standards of a tertiary general hospital. It is one of the 500 hospitals in the first stage of the National Health Commission to comprehensively upgrade the comprehensive capabilities of county-level hospitals.

 The First People's Hospital of Qingzhen City, Guiyang

Tianjin First Central Hospital

Background: It is the largest public hospital in Tianjin. After the completion of the new hospital, it is a national medical platform integrating emergency, outpatient, prevention, rehabilitation, health care, teaching, scientific research and other services.

 Tianjin First Central Hospital

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Geriatric Hospital

Background: Zhejiang Hangzhou Xiaoshan Geriatric Hospital is a non-profit hospital. The project is one of the top ten practical things for the private sector listed by the Xiaoshan District government in 2018.

 Hangzhou Xiaoshan Geriatric Hospital

Rizhao People’s Hospital

Background: It is a medical complex integrating outpatient and emergency, medical technology teaching, and academic conferences which provides effective protection for people in the city to seek medical treatment.

 Rizhao People's Hospital

Kunshan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Background: Kunshan Medical Insurance designated hospitals pursue high-quality medical services to meet the needs of patients, with professional, caring, convenient and thoughtful medical procedures, so patients can seek medical treatment easily and conveniently.

 Kunshan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Wolong Lake Health Care Center, Zigong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Background: Wolong Lake Health Care Center of Zigong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is a traditional Chinese medicine health service center and a demonstration base for health and elderly care services that integrate medical treatment, rehabilitation, health preservation, elderly care, and tourism.

 Wolong Lake Health Care Center, Zigong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Nanchong Central Hospital

Customer background: Nanchong Central Hospital is constructed in accordance with the standards of high-end general hospitals, which will improve the level of medical services in Nanchong and even the entire Northeast of Sichuan, and meet the needs of the people for medical treatment.

 Nanchong Central Hospital

Tongnan County People’s Hospital

Customer background: The only 120 network hospital in Tongnan County is a designated practice hospital for many health schools.

 Tongnan County People's Hospital

Nanjing Kylin Hospital

Customer background: The new hospital of Nanjing Kylin Hospital covers an area of ​​more than 90,000 square meters, filling the gap of Kylin Medical Center and solving the medical problems of hundreds of thousands of local residents.

Nanjing Kylin Hospital

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