Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly!

Each household has a significant impact on our environment. The appliances we depend on each day can be significant energy consumers, while in turn creating carbon emissions that are harmful to our environment. Did you know HVAC systems are the biggest energy consumers in homes? Making key changes in the heating and cooling products you use will reduce your home’s energy usage and emissions output for the betterment of your family and the world around you.

Energy Efficient Heating Tips and Solutions

Energy-smart changes in the way you heat your home have a significant impact on your household’s largest energy consumer. There are many small changes you can make at home that add up, reducing the amount of energy your home’s heating system uses to keep your family comfortable. Try these tips:

Take advantage of natural energy to keep your rooms warm – open your curtains and let the sun in! During the daytime, keep window coverings open in south-facing rooms, allowing sunlight to come in and make the space warmer. This natural heat gain helps you feel more comfortable without cranking up the heat.

Reduce heat loss by closing off drafts and sealing air leaks, keeping more of your heating energy inside where you want it. Doing so also prevents more energy being used by your heating system to make up for the loss to keep you comfortable. Use weather stripping around windows and doors. Examine your home inside and out to find gaps and cracks letting energy escape and seal them with the appropriate caulk.

High Efficiency Cooling Systems and Solutions

Approximately 6 percent of your home’s energy consumption is used through cooling. While this doesn’t seem like such a big percentage compared to heating, it certainly adds up over the course of cooling season. Take advantage of the following solutions to conserve energy during warmer months:

Utilize your ceiling fans when a room is occupied. Set fans to rotate counterclockwise, creating a windchill effect that cools the skin. You’ll feel cooler without your air conditioner working harder. Turn off fans when you leave the room, because this trick is only useful when occupied – otherwise you’ll waste energy.

Do the opposite with your window coverings in the summer – close them to prevent natural heat gain that makes your home warmer and your air conditioner run longer. Blinds and other energy efficient window coverings let you enjoy natural sunlight throughout the day while preventing the sun’s rays from warming your living areas.

Using a more energy efficient air conditioner cuts electricity consumption to conserve energy at home.

Use Less Energy Around the House

In addition to upgrading heating and cooling equipment for a reduction in energy consumption, implement the right controls to maximize energy efficiency. Besides, in a windtight home, ventilation is necessary for human health. Installing an energy recovery ventilator in home to save energy consumption when running your heating or cooling system shall be vent


Post time: Apr-26-2019