HOLTOP Won the Awards of 2019 Top Ten Ventilation Products

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HOLTOP was invited to the 2019 Fresh Air Purification Industry Summit. Our Eco Slim series energy recovery ventilator won the 2019 Top 10 Fresh Air Ventilation Products Awards just on its debut, while Holtop team also won remarkable results in the fresh air ventilation system installation skills competition.

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Zhengzhou, as one of the earliest pilot cities to implement the campus fresh air ventilation system, its residents now pays lots of attention to the fresh air ventilation system. To boost the development of fresh air purification business in Central China and the joint exchange of production and sales, the 2019 Fresh Air Purification Industry Summit selected Zhengzhou City as the venue and invited the best from the industry to conduct in-depth interaction on these subjects.

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They went deeply into the hot topics, concerned by the fresh air purification companies at the moment. They provided many forward-looking analyses and constructive opinions to the participants, and at last, selected the 2019 top ten superior fresh air ventilation products.


Top 10 Superior New Products of 2019

After several rounds of competition, HOLTOP Eco Slim series products finally won the Top Ten Superior Fresh Air Ventilation Products Awards in 2019.

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Fresh Air Design and Construction Skills Competition

The Fifth National Fresh Air Industry Design and Construction Skills Competition Zhengzhou Station’s ultimate competition also came to a successful ending. As a representative of HOLTOP installation team, HOLTOP Henan Zanfeng Industrial Co., Ltd., a high-quality dealer with rich installation experience participated in the competition. Through the on-site operation and presentation about “installation details determine the real performance” on the forum, HOLTOP team fully demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, and received good praises from the experts and guests.

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HOLTOP Team-Henan Zanfeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

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In the field, they perfectly presented to expert judges and peers their precise solution design, selection of a suitable HOLTOP Eco Slim energy recovery ventilator, matching of suitable transmission and distribution pipelines, adaptation of scientific and unique PE pipeline top to supply air and centralized return air, standard construction process flow, efficient construction process and perfect on-site management.

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PE pipeline top supply air and centralized return air design

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Perfect presentation after installation

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HOLTOP team won third prize in installation competition

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HOLTO-Henan Zanfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. won the Top 50 Distributors of Fresh Air Industry


These fresh air ventilation system design and installation cases show a very high level of professionalism, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, standardize design schemes, promote industry exchanges, and promote the healthy development of the fresh air industry.

Post time: Dec-13-2019