HOLTOP Supplied Energy Recovery Ventilators to Nationwide SUNAC Real Estate Projects

Since HOLTOP and SUNAC Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement for ventilation products, boutique projects have been implemented nationwide. In 2021, Holtop has signed multiple SUNAC real estate projects to work together to provide users with a better living environment.

 holtop and SUNAC

Hangzhou SUNAC Wangjinsha Project

More than 1,300 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

Wang Jinsha, the striking key points of Hangzhou SUNAC, will be the practice base for the integration of production, education and research in Hangzho. This is a 24-hour full-cycle diverse community, an ecological and healthy humanistic residence and a vibrant cultural district. The houses are equipped with HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators so the indoor air is superior, and the residents can enjoy pure breathing experience.


Shenyang SUNAC Guanlan No.1 Project

More than 3100 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

SUNAC Guanlan No. 1 is planning to build 14 high-rise residential buildings and 40 villas. The overall design is a garden style. Through the use of a large number of native plants, it is connected with the existing forest belt to form continuity and unity. HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators will continuously deliver good air into the rooms to create a clean, relaxed and comfortable living environment.

guan lan yi hao

Tianjin SUNAC Jingyuan Project

More than 650 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

SUNAC Jingyuan is located in Beichen District, Tianjin, close to subway, express road and bus station, so the surrounding traffic is convenient. It has a large-scale commercial complex with public resources such as kindergartens. Enjoy the Holtop fresh air at home, and go out to enjoy a convenient life.

jingyuan 3

Taiyuan SUNAC Taiyuan Mansion Project

More than 1,100 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

The Nantun City Village Reconstruction Project in Taiyuan Prefecture has a total construction area of​210,000 square meters, supporting public resources such as kindergartens and primary schools, which greatly improved the living standards of local residents. The project is equipped with HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators to enjoy a higher quality of life.

taiyuanfu 4

Chongqing Wanda Phase 5 Project

More than 600 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

The completion of Chongqing Wanda will complete the transformation and upgrade of the entire Chongqing south shore business district. It will surely become the new center of the south shore. The residence is equipped with HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators, so you can still enjoy the clean and natural air in the bustling neighborhood.

chong qing wanda 5

Chongqing China Aviation Park Project

More than 400 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

China Aviation Park is rich in natural vegetation, covered by forests and grasslands, and 8800 acres of native mountainous land creates a high-end lake and mountain park area with rare ecological resources. HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators continuously send good air into the room, just like being in the park at all times.

zhonghang park 6

Chongqing Cultural Tourism City Project

More than 1,800 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

SUNAC Cultural Tourism City is a new benchmark for the integrated development of cultural tourism in Chongqing and even the whole country. In addition to cultural tourism, it has built high-rise buildings, bungalows, villas and shops in the residential sector. Ranked first in the sales of the Chongqing property market. Having good indoor air quality is also an important basis for owners to choose.

culture city 7

Hefei Rongning Mansion Project

More than 450 sets of HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators

Based on SUNAC’s top genes, smart elements are deployed inside, and the service system is constantly customized to match the latest needs of high-net-worth individuals, becoming a high-end residential work that leads Hefei and even Anhui. Delivering good air has become a standard feature of high-end residences.

 hefei rong ning 7

HOLTOP adheres to the mission of making air treatment healthier and more energy-efficient. We continue to provide healthy, clean and comfortable fresh air for the real estate industry.

With the brand concept of Best and Most Perfect Concentration, Commitment to Lofty Ideals, after years of steady development, SUNAC China has established an industry-leading advantage and has become a highly recognized Chinese family life integration service provider. HOLTOP upholds the good desire of make people in the world breathe the good air. HOLTOP develops and produces energy recovery ventilation products that conform to SUNAC’s real estate positioning, helping SUNAC China to achieve the goal of “providing Chinese families with a complete solution for a better life.”

Post time: Apr-30-2021