Holtop Single Way Fresh Air Filtration Systems

The single-way fresh air filtration system supplies outdoor fresh air to room with high purification. It’s equipped with double filters with PM2.5 filtration rate over 95%. The airflow ranges from 150 m3/h to 15000 m3/h for different applications. It can be used to work together with Holtop energy recovery ventilator for better air purification either used independently for air purification in air conditioning system.

It has the optional functions of indoor circulation. In the situation when it’s not suitable to introduce outdoor fresh air, it can bypass the air in the room for indoor air purification only.

One product can solve all your air quality problem: fresh air, air purification and cleanness with much lower costs. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information.

Different installation way for reference.

Single-way Fresh Air Filtration System Installation

hepa exhaust fan (3)

 Single-way Fresh Air Filtration + Energy Recovery Ventilation System Installation

hepa exhaust fan (1)hepa exhaust fan (4)


Single-way Fresh Air Filtration with Internal Recycle System

hepa exhaust fan (2)


Post time: Sep-27-2018