Holtop Showed in 2018 China Refrigeration Exhibition

In April 11, 2018, the curtain descended on the 29th China Refrigeration Exhibition, Holtop finished the perfect exhibition tour.

At the exhibition, HOLTOP exhibited products gained great attentions.we showed our new developed ERP2018 compliant energy recovery ventilator, ductless energy recovery ventilator, Eco slim energy recovery ventilator, compact air handling unit, air to air heat exchangers,VOCs treatment, extraction and recovery technologies, etc.

Holtop products are committed to creating a healthy, energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and intelligent living or industrial environment. Holtop won praise for excellent product quality, thoughtful comprehensive services, and product innovations.

Let’s have a wonderful review:


2018 We keep improving;
2019 let’s meet at Shanghai

Post time: Apr-17-2018