Holtop Held a Wonderful Specifier’s Invitation Golf Cup in Philippine

On October 16, Holtop Specifier’s Invitation Golf Cup marked the beginning of the “Ventilation Systems and Fresh Air of Buildings” Seminar in Manila, Philippines.

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Totally 55 elites were invited to this special event,including designers from Philippine design academies, consultants and HVAC professionals

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As the strategic partner of Holtop, Barcol-Air hosted this Golf Cup event together with Holtop. With more than 30 years of history, Barcol-Air has an extensive influence over the ventilation and air conditioning field.

In recent years, Philippine develops rapidly,and the living standard and quality improve along with it, which steadily increases the demand of Energy Recovery Ventilation Products. Hence, Holtop and Barcol-Air will work together closely to offer the best products and solutions to the Philippine market.

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Mr. Roy Young, representative from Holtop, shared the development history of Holtop, introduced the latest research and products and explained the importance of fresh air by classic cases. Moreover, he talked about the positive market potential in Philippine.

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Holtop products are widely used and accepted in Philippine through lots of commercial and residential projects. Thus, Holtop and Barcol-Air will cooperate closer together in the future to offer better services.

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The seminar was a complete success. Holtop’s influenceand innovation won high recognition from the experts. Holtop will continue to offer the best products, solutions and services to Philippines, “HOLTOP fresh air for the world”.

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Post time: Oct-17-2019