HOLTOP Provides Fresh Air & Air Conditioning Systems for the National Bobsleigh and Luge Center Project Construction of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are under active preparations. This is the first time for China to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Beijing will also achieve the first Olympic “Grand Slam”. HOLTOP will help the construction of the 2022 Winter Olympics venues for the National Bobsleigh and Luge , providing complete fresh air and air conditioning system solutions.

2022 Winter Olympics (2)

The National Bobsleigh and Luge Center is located in the Yanqing competition area in Beijing. The bobsleigh and luge project is known as “F1 on Snow”. It is the fastest project in the Winter Olympics, and has very high requirements for the various rigid indicators of the venue. The track is 1975 meters long and has a vertical drop of more than 121 meters. It is composed of 16 curves with different angles and inclination. It is the first bobsleigh and luge track in China. The design and construction is difficult, and the process is complicated. Holtop proposes different fresh air and air conditioning system solutions for different functional areas in the hall.

National Bobsleigh and Luge Center

Track Area: HOLTOP Helps Precise Environment Control for the Arena

In order to ensure the stable operation of the air conditioning system under low temperature conditions in the track area, HOLTOP uses technological means to simulate CDF airflow analysis under actual installation conditions, and selects direct expansion air conditioning systems with higher adjustment accuracy. A combination of modules with more use and less preparation is used to achieve multiple outdoor unit modules operate in a balanced manner, which not only meets the environmental requirements of the track area but also fully guarantees the stability of the system operation.

CDF airflow analysis

The advantages of the HOLTOP direct expansion air conditioning system highlight the combination of cold and heat, flexible on-site layout, powerful inner core, high efficiency, exquisite appearance, faster temperature and humidity adjustment response speed, and meet the temperature and humidity, airflow organization and comfort of the venue.

 direct expansion air conditioning systems

Non-track Area: HOLTOP Helps Build a Green Olympics

Use HOLTOP’s traditional and economical fresh air system solution (heat recovery air conditioning system + condensing exhaust fan unit; plate heat recovery + condensing exhaust heat recovery) in crowded non-track areas to maximize the energy exchange between the exhaust air and fresh air. Save energy consumption of air conditioners and reflect the concept of “Green Winter Olympics”.

non-track area ventilation system

The HOLTOP condensing exhaust heat recovery fresh air system is based on the heat recovery technology of direct evaporative cooling to deep cool or fully reheat the fresh air sent into the hall, which can fully ensure the air quality in the hall and will not cause a large temperature shock.

 condensing exhaust heat recovery fresh air system


As a leading brand in the domestic fresh air field, HOLTOP provides users with exclusive fresh air system solutions. Since the 2008 Olympic Games, it has participated in the construction of international competition venues for many times. In the process of preparing for the construction of the Winter Olympics venues, it has successively provided fresh air and air conditioning systems to Winter Olympics Winter Training Center, Ice Hockey Hall, Curling Hall, Bobsleigh and Luge Center, Olympic Organizing Committee Office Building, Winter Olympics Exhibition Center, Winter Olympics Athletes’ Apartment, etc.

Ice Hockey Hall, Curling Hall Olympic Organizing Committee Office Building Winter Olympics Athletes' Apartment

The Olympic Games is a world event and a platform to showcase China. As a national enterprise of fresh air and air-conditioning, HOLTOP has already experienced the test and handed in perfect answers during the 2008 Olympic Games.

awardIn 2022, we will go all out to provide advanced, high-quality and reliable products and services. Let us work together to offer an unparalleled Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games for the people of the world.

The successful application of the HOLTOP fresh air & air-conditioning system in the Olympic projects has received high attention from professional media and was reported as a successful experience sharing in the “HVAC Online” and other media, and will be published in print magazines in the future.

Post time: Sep-28-2020