Holtop Products Help Hilton Garden Inn Open In Beijing

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The first Hilton Garden Inn brand in Beijing, Hilton Garden Inn Daoxiang Lake, recently commenced its trial operations. The hotel has implemented the Holtop central air-conditioning system, which has left a lasting impression on its guests in terms of comfort, temperature, and humidity.

Hilton Garden Inn Beijing Haidian Daoxianghu, part of the Hilton Group, is the first of its brand in Beijing. The award-winning Hilton Garden Inn has very high standards when it comes to selecting various facilities. The air-conditioning system, in particular, plays a vital role in the guest experience. After multiple rounds of evaluations and on-site inspections, the Holtop optimized solution was finally selected. The central air-conditioning system utilizes 12 modular air-cooled chiller, and the combined air handling unit and fresh air unit are utilized .

The Holtop modular air-cooled chiller used in the central air-conditioning system of the Hilton Garden Inn host can meet the rapid heating demand under extremely low temperature outdoor conditions in winter. The system recovers the heat generated while cooling in summer to produce domestic hot water, thereby reducing the number of wall-hung boilers that provide domestic water. This leads to stability, energy savings, and lower initial investment and operating costs for hotel management and construction compared to the original plan.

The Holtop modular air-cooled chiller (with heat pump) unit is specifically designed for places that require cooling and hot water at the same time. The unit employs double four-way valve + solenoid valve + diaphragm check valve + double electronic expansion valve control technology to ensure the stable and efficient operation of five modes. The operation is stable, reliable, and has an IPLV of up to 7.4, which means that 1 kilowatt-hour of energy can produce 7 energy units. This leads to a significant reduction in operating costs.

The air-conditioning terminal system of the Hilton Garden Inn adopts Holtop combined air handling unit and fresh air unit based on the different requirements of guest rooms, restaurants, and meeting rooms. A comfortable terminal system is constructed using 9 units with an air volume range of 5700m³/h-25000m³/h, all of which adopt 4-pipe and 8-row pipe equipment to meet the indoor space's comfort requirements.

The hotel has stringent requirements for the unit's air volume, residual pressure, cold and heat, and noise. The customized terminal unit includes purification, humidification, and heat recovery functions, with noise reduction as a minimum requirement. All inspections of the unit meet Hilton's standards, providing guests with a comfortable, clean, and quiet accommodation experience.

The Holtop air conditioning system has been implemented in many hotels as it can be customized to meet specific requirements for comfort, stability, noise reduction, and energy savings. The following hotels are just a few examples: Hilton Garden Inn Guangzhou Dinglong in Guangdong, Jiuzhaigou Hilton Hotel in Sichuan, Hilton Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel Qinglong in Chongqing, Four Points by Sheraton Hefei, Wanji in Anhui, Huangdao Vienna Hotel in Shandong, and Shanghai Songjiang OCT Hotel in Shanghai.

Post time: Mar-09-2023