Holtop got China’s Household Industry Craftsman Award

On January 6, 2018, the fifth China Household Industry Development Conference and Dayan Award ceremony was held in Beijing National Convention Center. The Dayan Award is known as the Oscars in the Household Industry. This award is appraised by the industry’s authoritative industry organizations, experts and consumers. It stands for the leading innovation spirit brand among the industry.

HOLTOP is honored to get the award – China’s Household Industry Craftsman Award.It’s a strong reorganization to HOLTOP’s 16 years experience in manufacturing high quality residential energy recovery ventilation products.

As the leading brand among the energy recovery ventilation industry, HOLTOP interprets great artisan manufacturing with its own pursuit of product quality. We choose to focus on fresh air purification with heat recovery field, using more than 10 years of technological accumulation to do one thing; we choose to be professional, with more than 20 patents for inventions, a number of national standards drawing participation, leading the development of the domestic fresh air purification industry ; we choose to be strict, carefully selecting every raw materials and control every manufacturing details. We built the world’s leading manufacturing base and national approval laboratory. HOLTOP casts classic with craftsmanship spirit.

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Post time: Jan-17-2018