Holtop deep dehumidification technology- one machine to solve the air problems

In production life, serious indoor humidity air affects people’s life quality, and  causes great interference to production process, brings lots of safety problems. Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit achieves flexible adjustment of air parameters, while solving the problem of traditional air conditioner.



The characteristics of  Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit:

  • Deep dehumidification, create comfortable environment 

After deep dehumidification, the air reaches a comfortable temperature then send into the room, creating a comfortable living and production environment, improving people’s life quality greatly and protecting the needs of the production process for the environment. 

  • Avoid moisture and mold of the air conditioner

The indoor air conditioning system operates in dry situation, avoiding mold and bacteria on heat exchanger surface of the air conditioner, further improving indoor air quality and eliminating safety hazards.

  • Achieve energy savings system

In Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit, high temperature cooling source takes up most of the load, saving about 50% energy than traditional air conditioning system.

Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit integrates the advantages of digital and direct expansion, achieve the needs of deep dehumidification, intelligent adjustment and comfortable air delivery. How to achieve such a powerful function?


The working principle of Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit

Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit is equipped with two cooling sources, one is external high temperature chilled water, and the other is the low temperature cooling source provided by the evaporator of the unit’s built-in refrigeration system. High temperature cooling source can pre-treat the fresh air efficiently, and the low temperature cooling source can  dehumidify the fresh air. 



The fresh air is cooled and dehumidified by the high-temperature chilled water (14/19℃)coil, and the pre-cooled and dehumidified fresh air then passes through the evaporator of the unit’s build-in cooling system for deep dehumidification to a temperature about 12℃, then heat the low-temperature air (adjustable from 16-27℃)by the reheat condenser, delivery the dry and comfortable air into the room.


EC Intelligent energy-saving fan:

It is equipped with the EC fans with stepless speed regulation, and standardise RS485 and other communication interfaces.

The parameters can be adjusted according to the user demand. It is featured by high intelligence, high efficiency, long life,

low vibration, low noise and continuous work without interruption.



Sensory temperature sensitively and adjust rapidly:

It adopt stable, high sensitive temperature-sensing devices to sense the subtle temperature changes accurately, adjust the temperature timely and accurately, and make usage experience more comfortable.



Air supply temperature can be adjusted randomly:

The combination of outdoor unit and indoor multi-stage heat exchangers can realize setting air supply temperature




Anti-cold wind design:

When the heating is on, the indoor unit starts to send air when the heat exchanger fins preheat to a certain temperature; during the defrost cycle, the indoor unit judges whether to close the fan according to the intelligent program.



Flexible forms of filtration:

Through plate, bag, chemical and electronic purification filters, various harmful substances in the air are filtered, adsorbed and decomposed, which provide a fresh and comfortable environment for users.




Patented cabinet structure:

It is made of PU foam double-skin panel structure with insulation performance up to T2 level.

And it has the special cold bridge breaking structure design with cold bridge factor up to TB2 level. 

The patented frame structure is up to D1 level (the highest level of European standard).



Wide range of applications:

Holtop digital double cold source deep dehumidification unit, high temperature chiller, indoor heat treatment equipment to form an independent control system of temperature and humidity, widely used in hospitals, 

large venues, offices and other places with fresh air deep dehumidification and supply air re-heating requirements.






(National Convention Center)



(Changan Automobile Global Data Center (GDC))



(Jinan Hanyu Jingu Yunding Building)



(Jilin University Second Hospital)



(China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)



(Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)



(Beijing Huairou Hospital)

Post time: Dec-14-2021