Holtop DC inverter DX air handling unit is applied in Chuzhou Olympic sports center

Holtop DC Inverter DX Air Handling Unit is applied in the stadium, gymnasium and natatorium. According to the cooling capacity demand and energy saving simulation calculation in different areas, corresponding to different direct expansion room units and air conditioning units. The sensor device with high stability and sensitivity can accurately sense the subtle temperature changes. Adjust the temperature and humidity accurately and timely, make users more comfortable. The overall layout is scientific, simple, flexible. It is easy to install and use, saving user's investment, helping Chuzhou Olympic Sports Center construct green, innovative concept.



Holtop has rich experience in the design of heat recovery ventilator and air conditioning systems for large sports venues and provide different solutions according to functional areas. Series of products could fully meet the air conditioning needs and energy saving needs of large space. In the Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games venues, it has been applied to provide technical and product support for the green Olympic Games.


Winter Olympics Venue-National Ski & Sleigh Center Winter Olympics



Winter Olympics Venue-National Ski Jump Center (Snow Ruyi)



 Winter Olympics Stadium-Shougang Ski Jump (snow flying)


Winter Olympics Venue-The National Cross-Country Ski Center



Winter Olympics Venue-The National Biathlon Center


Winter Olympics Venue-The National Biathlon Center Winter Olympics venues-Shougang curling hall, ice hockey hall

Post time: Sep-22-2022