Happy 20th-anniversary Holtop!

Holtop has been established for 20 years from 2002 to 2022, Happy 20th anniversary!

During these 20 years, Holtop has deep development in air treatment, and innovation to lead the industry, making the industry booming and growing.

Holtop has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “pragmatic, responsibility, collaboration, and innovation” for 20 years, producing good products, providing good service, and operating good business.

Through 20 years of development and exploration, Holtop delivers highly efficient and innovative heat and energy recovery ventilators, air conditioning systems, and environmental protection products to all kinds of buildings to create an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and healthy indoor air environment.

Holtop keeps the leadership in this industry and is a highly influential and well-known brand.

In 20 years, every seemingly ordinary and common contribution is more meaningful than imagined.


holtop 20th anniversary


Happy 20th-anniversary Holtop! Thank you for the trust of our customers and friends! Thank you for the support of our partners! Thank you for the contribution of Holtop employees!

Holtop will keep developing in the manufacturing industry in the future, adopting air treatment core technology to empowering Chinese technology, using energy-saving and environmentally friendly products to empowering Green China, providing users with quality products and services continuously, showing the world the charm of Made in China.

Post time: May-19-2022