“GB/T21087-2020″ National Standard is Released, and Holtop Participates in Editing Again

National Standard /GB/T 21087/

Holtop once again participated in the compilation of the National Standard for Energy Recovery Ventilators for Outdoor Air Handling GB/T21087-2020. The competent authority of this standard is the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It will be implemented on August 1, 2021. It is suitable for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fresh air and exhaust air handling unit used to recover exhaust air energy and fresh air cooling, heating, humidity and pre-filitration in the purification system

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National Standard /GB/T 21087/

In the field of air heat recovery, Holtop is already a leader in the industry, and many Holtop experts have participated in the compilation of this standard. The new standard revised this time is conducive to the development of the entire energy recovery ventilation industry and the improvement of the technical level, bringing consumers more rights protection.

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The original “GB/T21087″ national standard was compiled in 2007, and Holtop participated in the entire standard preparation process. Driven by the country’s new energy, air energy recovery devices have achieved rapid development. The new standard was revised in 2017, clarifying the concept of energy-saving indicators, supplementing the concept of energy recovery and energy efficiency indicators and other related regulations.


The new standard mainly increases the requirements for the performance of the net fresh air volume of the supply air; the requirements for the minimum filter level on the supply and exhaust air side of the heat recovery fresh air handling unit; the requirements for the energy efficiency coefficient and energy recovery ratio; the performance of reciprocating heat recovery and working conditions and requirements of some tests. Holtop has a national standard laboratory, which provides a wealth of specimens based on actual experience in these additional projects.


Holtop energy recovery ventilation products integrate core technology of heat recovery. With the goal of higher than the industry standard, it develops fresh air equipment that integrates five major characteristics to provide customers with fresh air, purification, intelligent control, comfort and convenience and integrative clean air treatment solutions.

Five characteristics

1.Comfortable ventilation

The bidirectional ventilation speeds up indoor air circulation and effectively reduces carbon dioxide concentration. The micro-positive pressure function prevents outdoor polluted air from entering the room through the gap. The reliable cooling and dehumidification principle is adopted to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity to truly realize healthy and comfortable ventilation for the human body.

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2.Energy recovery

The energy of the exhaust air is effectively recovered and exchanged to the fresh air, which reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner and further improves the comfort of indoor personnel. The fourth-generation heat exchange material independently developed by Holtop has a heat exchange efficiency up to 90%.

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3.Physical filtration

Different types of filters are reasonably matched to effectively remove a variety of pollutants. The purification efficiency is as high as 99%. The pure physical filtration method is used to avoid the risk of high-voltage static electricity. Under the premise of achieving the ideal purification effect, the system is minimized resistance to reduce fan power consumption.


4.Quiet design

It adopts EPP/EPS structure which is featured with light weight, heat preservation, sound absorption, shock absorption, and compactness. It is matched with a dedicated fan independently developed by Holtop. While ensuring sufficient air volume and static pressure, noise is further reduced, giving users an inaudible feeling of fresh air.


5. Intelligent Control

It provides users with various control functions. Besides, there are multiple control methods such as remote control and centralized display centralized control. A comprehensive and reliable electrical protection system is created fully considering household safety. Household products are equipped with child locks and automatic power-off functions.


Holtop energy recovery ventilators can handle air volume of 150-20000m³/h. Superior performance and powerful air handling capacity are widely used in air treatment systems of homes, public buildings, hotels, schools, large venues, commercial complexes, etc.


Holtop has strong technical strength and has participated in the preparation of many national standards: GB/T 21087; GB/T 19232; GB/T 31437; GB/T 14294; GB/T 34012 national standard…

In the future, Holtop will continue to maintain technological innovation, contribute to the development of the industry, and provide consumers with high-quality products and services.

Post time: Dec-28-2020